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Gamers arranged marriage in Fallout 76

Геймеры устроили свадьбу в Fallout 76For MMO-games wedding – it is quite a common thing.

Fans held a wedding ceremony in one of the most controversial titles of the past year. For MMO-games wedding – it is quite common: over the years of existence of the genre of hundreds of couples with feasts and ceremonies to legitimize their relationship in the vast virtual worlds. Now to the connecting hearts project joined post-apocalyptic Fallout and 76.

The event was pretty quiet – the happy couple announced it via Twitter, and their “priest” then told a little more detail on Reddit. As it turned out, in real life his friends for some time married – was true, then they just signed the documents without ceremonies and celebrations. Lovers still wanted to have the fancy ceremony with the Fallout.

“So we got married in Fallout76. Our friend from the game who married us in the Church of Matman, after I got the offer. Event and wedding ring was sponsored by Nuca Cola. We also had fun underwater party” – said in Twitter a happy wife.

Fallout 76 was the first piece in a series focusing on online and the possibility of a joint survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The release of the game is difficult to call it smooth: even after a few months after release it still has a huge number of bugs. However, the developers promise not to throw the project in the future to correct errors.

Геймеры устроили свадьбу в Fallout 76

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