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Gamer rebuilt your overlook from the Shining in Minecraft (VIDEO)

Let Stephen king not liking the first film adaptation of the novel “the Shining”made by the great Stanley Kubrick (and for quite understandable reasons) – fans of this film abound. And no wonder, that among these fans, there were those who would like to Express my love for the classic horror film by making all sorts of fan art. Whether alternative opening credits, a pack of spectacular posters or even gingerbread embodiment memorable scene.

So the YouTube user Carl 90 left and built his personal the overlook hotel, where the novel/movie. No, he had not worked hard day and night, laying the Foundation and carrying the bricks – the building (if not photographically accurate) is modeled in the sandbox of the popular game “Minecraft”. That just is not reproduced in this mode, gamers from the exact replicas of Minas Tirith from “Lord of the Rings” to “Millennium Falcon” from “Star wars.” No wonder that with such a large scale and about his uncle king forgot!

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