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“Game of thrones”: the media circulate the wrong premiere date

In the network appeared the information according to which the first series of the seventh season of “Game of thrones” will be released on 30 Mar 2017. This data is quickly picked up by many publications, referring to the Instagram account of the series. Somehow nobody was surprised by the fact that earlier it was reported: the seventh season will appear later than previous, as the shooting was postponed due to weather conditions. In turn, the previous seasons were coming out mostly from mid-April (only the first series of the third season was submitted on 31 March).

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“Game of thrones”: the media circulate the wrong premiere date

As it turned out, the first (and probably unwitting) “distributor” incorrect information was unofficial Instagram, dedicated to the “Game of thrones”. It’s called gameofthronesnotofficial: apparently, the fans wanted to wishful thinking that just missed the negative particle not. The date was marked on the fan poster, published in this account: it is likely that the artist put the date at random and did not assume that his work will provoke a wave of misinformation. Thus from HBO at the moment have not received any information about the premiere date, though we know that shooting new episodes are still ongoing.

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Fan-poster, which the media got the wrong information

Fan Poster #GoTSeason7 War Is Coming #gameofthrones #hbo

Photos published InstaThrones (@gameofthronesnotofficial) Nov 25 2016 at 4:37 PST

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