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“Game of thrones” and “Lord of the rings” accused of racism

The theme of racism and xenophobia is one of those that never gets old. But it seems that in recent years, accusations of racism are scattered right-to-left even when it already smells outright absurd.

The memory is still fresh scandal with the Oscars, when the American Academy was accused of being among the nominees too few African Americans. That is not that “there are none”, and that “more white”. For some reason, few people interested, and who actually was worthy of nomination for the main award on the planet.

Then “flew” to Lovecraft. American writer of Nigerian origin, Nnedi Okorafor who won in 2011, the world fantasy award, protested that as a reward they used busts of Lovecraft, which, he says, was racist. Again, few people worried that this prize is actually awarded in the field of literature, and not for merits of tolerance, and that Lovecraft lived in those years, when the US xenophobic views were absolutely commonplace. Every other American of the time you can with the same success now, almost a century later, to accuse of racism. In this case, the Lovecraft, by the way, was married to a Jewish woman.

Whether the open or hidden racism today? Of course, Yes. And on the topic of hidden form of racism expressed is wonderful, with his “Away” Jordan Drank. But if you Drink say about important and everyday concerns, many – and it must be admitted – in fact, appeal to this topic with far more mundane purposes. For the sake of scandal, attract attention, and sometimes just for pushing their own interests.

Even here we have, in the edition of memory on the site was no little controversy about casting an actor for the main role in the movie “the Dark tower”. As we all know, the role of the arrow of Roland was taken by a black actor Idris Elba. The problem is that the film is based on the books by Stephen king, in which Roland described as a sort of Clint Eastwood of the old westerns. And personally, it’s hard to imagine a less black guy than Clint Eastwood. In the books of the king were the heroes of African Americans (the most vivid character of such a plan in the books Suzanne Dean, she is Odetta Susannah Holmes and detta Susannah Walker, whose image is woman, disabled, dark-skinned, suffering from a split personality – it’s very tolerant). The Internet uproar and there were even petitions in favor of, to replace the Elbe more suitable for this role the actor, but the producers – in particular, the Akiva Goldsman – rejected all along the way, accusing fans of “the Dark tower” racism.

However, have we not in this and several other cases dealing with “racism in reverse” when already violated the rights of whites? When black characters appear where they are, in General, should not be? If “uncle Tom’s Cabin” the title character was played by white that would be racism, right? But somehow, when white plays white, some are now also perceived as racism.

A recent example of this kind was provided to us actor John Boyega , a young black guy that got some fame thanks to his participation in the film “Star wars: the force Awakening”. You also might see him in the recent Thriller “Sphere” and you’ll see starring in the sequel “Pacific abroad”. Boigu still too early to call a “star”, his career, in fact, has only just begun but it’s already negotiate an issue of racism.

So, in a recent interview with GQ magazine, the actor criticized the fantasy Saga “the Lord of the rings” and the series “Game of thrones”.

In the “Game of thrones” no blacks. You will not see dark-skinned in “the Lord of the rings.” I don’t want to pay money to look at people of the same type on the screen. Because in real life every day you meet different cultures with different backgrounds. Even if you’re a racist, you’ll have to live with it.

While Boigu does not mind the fact that “the Lord of the rings” and “Game of thrones” talk (as the literary sources and the films and TV series) about the worlds, which is the “alter ego” of the European continent. Moreover, if in “the Lord of the rings” is really difficult to find black or at least dark-skinned actors, then to “Game of thrones” the reproaches of this kind are generally difficult to take seriously.

Comrade Biege for information:

Here are just a few black actors that played in “Game of thrones”

Nonso Of Anosy.

Stephen Cole.

Jacob Anderson.

Deobia Of Opari.

The Strike, Msamati.

Bonus – Nathalie Emmanuel.

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