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Game mobile Razer Phone 2 appeared first render

First published render smartphone Razer Phone 2, not yet announced. It is a direct descendant of the gaming Razer mobile Phone shown exactly one year ago, and the image shows both of these cell phone.

Try to find the difference in the appearance of the Razer Phone the first and second generations. To do this, just say, not so easy, since they are not at all upcoming Razer Phone 2 is, apparently, completely copy the design from its predecessor. The camera on the render is on the right, and he has only a different position of the camera and sensors on top face. The dimensions of the smartphone is also not different, therefore, the battery capacity is unlikely to change.

But, if in the case of IPhones, the lack of changes in the design is an attempt from Apple to sell the same machines with minimal investment, in the case of Razer Phone 2 it has a more correct rationale: the appearance of the Razer Phone, despite gaming positioning, it turned out a simple but stylish smartphone is not like anyone, is quite distinctive and unique. Razer has decided not to release 100500-th clone of the iPhone X, as do other manufacturers. The announcement of the Razer Phone 2 is expected on October 10 this year, but at the moment, about its hardware, there is no information.

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