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Game in the grave: dad helps 2 year old daughter to get used to the grave. Video

Игры в могиле: отец помогает 2-летней дочери привыкнуть к могиле. ВидеоIn the Chinese social networks, a heartbreaking video.

The farmer Jean Linga from the Chinese city Neijiang, Sichuan province, was seriously ill two year old daughter Xinli.

Not having the cash for the treatment of the baby, the man dug up her grave, where he began to carry out with a girl every day. Ling believes that in this way the daughter will be able to better get used to the resting place.

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The daughter of Chinese suffering from thalassemia, a severe shortage of hemoglobin that leads to serious problems with blood circulation. Ling and his wife spent over 15 thousand dollars for her treatment, but it was not enough, and to take the farmers do not have.

Resigned to the fate that was soon to befall his family, the man dug his daughter’s grave and began to spend her free time. In the Chinese social networks, a heartbreaking video, which depicted as Ling and Xinli lie in the pit, which sits a pregnant wife of a farmer, and next plays the dog.

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Journalists do not exclude that after horrific video went viral today, the potential benefactors will be able to find the farmer and pay for the treatment his daughter.

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