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Game Fortnite has become a tool for fraudsters

Игра Fortnite стала инструментом для мошенниковAds usually post to Instagram or Twitter.

Game Fortnite has long been burst into contemporary culture. With the popularity of the title it increasingly began to use the crooks and the battle Royale has been dubbed a tool for money laundering.

The British newspaper the Independent conducted its own investigation on trafficking in domestic currency Fortnite. Journalists helped the organization Sixgill, which deals with cybersecurity issues.

According to the authors of the material, the most common scheme is as follows: criminals buy V-Bucks with stolen cards and then sell the virtual money with the discount. Ads usually post to Instagram or Twitter in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and English.

The material not disclosed, of any amounts involved. Representatives of Sixgill said that the number of mentions Fortnite on the darknet has grown in proportion to income Battle Royale.

Moreover, the staff of ZeroFOX, specializing in online security, noted that just from September to October 2018 revealed more than 50 thousand cases of fraud related action. According to experts, such schemes promote a weak protection Epic Games: the company monitors the criminal activity of users.

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