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G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C – external hard drive premium

In Russia all know the Western Digital as a manufacturer of reliable hard drives that work for years and if broken, it is only the fault of the user. It has a subsidiary brand G-Technology, under which it manufactures portable media premium, but they were not available in our country. Now everything has changed.

In the Russian market appeared external hard drive G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C, in which the producers tried to consider all aspects. And if normal external HDD can only perform its function, but they look absolutely unattractive, the design and hardware specs, to put it mildly, on top. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C was developed as a quick and convenient alternative not only to conventional hard disks used as storage devices backup, but cloud services. The latter generally are not able to compete with them, because in their case it is unknown where in the world the data is stored, and when the datacenter hacked, plus they do not have access without the Internet. G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C does not have this problem – your information is always with you, and hackers just can’t get to her. But enough of the lyrics, it’s time to test. On test we have the top version of the drive – as much as 2 terabytes.


Packaging equipment

Even if you know nothing about the G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C, for details don’t need to go to the Internet. The box in which it comes, informative, 110 per cent. Made of durable material and beautifully designed, it will immediately show what it looks like in the depths of the gadget and explain its basic specifications.

Provides information about the state of compatibility with Windows-based computers and MasOS, and the speed of its work, although not written about the speed when writing and reading. Rear you can learn about the ability of the hard drive to work with backup utilities that exist under MacOS. Then you need to make a clarification – the hero of the article recognized at all by any modern applications for backup. We tested this on development Acronis and Paragon under Windows.

Inside the box you will have to wait for the hard disk itself, brief and detailed instruction manual, and warranty card and two separate cables – USB-C USB-C USB-C USB A. Both are long enough for comfortable work with the drive, and quite wide, which indicates the use of a good wire and braid under the insulation. In other words, these cables guarantee high data transfer.

And now a little about the warranty. Each instance of the G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C secure brand manufacturer’s warranty, which lasts three years from the date of purchase. But this does not mean that the drive can be used carelessly – inside of box is 2.5-inch hard drive, and these devices like careful treatment.


This will come in handy drive

From the point of view of the terms of use G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C universal. It can be used only as backup storage, but also as the core pocket media. They can even be replaced with a second HDD the system unit, which stores all the files, and in some cases it may work as a system disk – this is especially useful when you often work on remote from each other and each time to get used to the new system and spend time on installing necessary software or download necessary documents absolutely no desire.


The appearance

Above, we noted that the G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C stands out for its exterior compared to other pocket drives. First of all, it was the metal casing of durable aluminum alloy, the surface of which the developers gave a special rough texture, very pleasant in the sun. The metal here has been barely noticeable color, depending on lighting shimmering from silver to slightly Golden shades. Looks, of course, amazing, and not even say that this is a hard drive – he could pass for an elegant element of modern interior design. The top cover is also slightly recessed in housing logo G-Technology.

The ends of the hard drive are complemented by their sturdy edging unpainted black plastic. It will save the phone from dents and scratches, moreover, it perfectly complements the design of the device. Only here the interface connector is USB-C, and it is placed into the lower end. Beside him is a small size round led white color. It shines dimly in peripheral vision its shimmer not to see it, so to distract he will not exactly.



Enclosure G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C is thinner than most modern hard drives, but two or three millimeters wider. It does not affect anything – it is comfortable to hold in hand, and it fits in most pockets, and certainly it will be a place in the small size ladies handbag, even with the cable.

Dropping the drive due to the textured surface of the metal and plastic ends is very difficult, and it does not leave fingerprints – the case is at all not easily soiled, dirty it is not possible.

USB-C connector here recessed in the housing, and it is made specially that it was impossible to break it by careless unplugging of cables. This decision and the connector protects the cable from deformation. In the connector it is held very tightly, not loose.

Inside the device installed a Western Digital hard drive with a spindle speed of 7200 rpm. When you work with the files almost inaudible – to capture titles it rustle, you need to specifically concentrate on this. Vibration from spindle rotation and movement of the reading heads no, and that Winchester is functioning, can be understood only by the flickering of the led or putting my hand on his body.

In the process of testing G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C almost did not change. Even after several measurements of speed, the temperature rose only to 45 degrees, but quickly dropped to 37 degrees. In this case, the merit of the aluminum – it works like a heat sink and removes heat from the hard drive into the surrounding space.

Of the minuses – not enough rubber feet on the case bottom. Without them, the Winchester can (and will) to go around the table, and resulted after some time in service it will appear with a spider web of small scratches. Yes, aluminum is not as prone to this kind of wear than plastic, but still.


File system and residual volume

G-Technology G-Drive mobile USB-C sharpened by work on MacOS and Windows, but in these two operating systems use completely different file system. G-Technology has solved the compatibility issue is very elegant and is just as easy.

By default, the drive has two partitions of 4 GB FAT32 for Windows and the rest HFS+ for MacOS. On the 4 GB partition is the software which will solve any difficulty in the use of the hard drive under both operating systems – there are drivers for Windows that will let the system see HFS drives directly in the “Explorer” and it really works. The only time – this section defines Windows as NTFS, but it is the nuances, though useless. If Apple computers are not in your possession, feel free to format the hard drive G-Technology Format Wizard. Just click few times Next, then wait for the formatting process, and output you have a single partition and the file system exFAT, recognizable modern versions of Windows. In our case, it worked on Windows 7 and 10. Here note that formatting erases all data on the hard drive, so you can either copy all, or format it immediately after purchase.

The total volume of the hard drive after switching to exFAT – 1,859 terabytes.



G-Drive mobile USB-C was tested when connected to USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 under Windows 7 and Windows 10. To check its compatible with USB 3.1 did not – the Winchester will be defined by the system in any case, as all USB versions are fully compatible with each other, however, the possibilities of what USB 3.1 of this drive due to the nature of all hard drives will not open. However, he has still managed to greatly surprise us.

With USB 2.0, everything was clear immediately, even before connection – Winchester, calculated under a more modern standard, will work at the maximum for the interface speed. And so it happened: at a reading he gave 32 MB/s, write – 25MB/s. As can be seen, this is below the 140 MB/s, but more not able to have USB 2.0.

That to USB 3.0, the Winchester clocked up an incredible HDD 211 MB/s reading and writing speed he gave at 138 MB/s. Typically, external HDD show twice lower, so that you can safely assure G-Drive mobile USB-C twice better than any of them, provided the same capacity, of course.

In short, if you want a very fast external HDD and not SSD, the choice is obvious.


Pros G-Drive mobile USB-C

– hard drive Western Digital;

– support Windows and MacOS;

– cables, USB-C and USB-A;

– beyond speed;

– metal housing;

– elegant design;

– virtually silent operation;

– no vibration;

– the bundled cables are of optimal length.


Cons G-Drive mobile USB-C

– the lack of legs on the body.

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