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G-Technology G-Drive Mobile SSD – Bentley drives in the world

On the Russian market media is a new premium brand G-Technology, which in our country will be sold the most reliable and high-speed drives in its class. One of the first in the range of range will be G-Drive Mobile – pocket (literally) SSD, which the manufacturer has promised to protect from a variety of harmful external factors.

We were lucky enough to get the G-Drive Mobile to the test, and got the us version as much as 500 gigabytes. Besides this basic modification – there are also 1 and 2 terabyte. We note again that it is the SSD, not hard drive, with all the ensuing positive aspects.

Outset that even those who never heard of the brand G-Technology, know the company behind it. This, of course, Western Digital, which has more than 20 years of exports to Russia and hard drives, as portable no, and SSD drives for every taste. She is a leader in both segments of the market, and the quality of its products, proven for years and decades, there is no doubt. Starting to test.


Packaging equipment

At first (and second too) look G-Drive Mobile can not be linked with Western Digital for the new line was fully developed your packaging design made, however, in the best traditions of the WD itself. It’s primarily about used materials – cardboard and are quite simply very tight, and inside there is an extra plastic tray with lid to SSD was not injured during transportation.

The front on the packaging is written in English, but can understand without an interpreter – there is mention of speed and compatibility with various operating systems. At the ends there is a transfer of the protective properties of the body, and behind mentioned that, why the need for such a quick and compact storage medium.

Inside the blister, in addition to the G-Drive Mobile and paper (the manual in two forms and warranty card), there are two cables to connect to PC or laptop – USB-C to USB-A and USB-C USB-C Both do not differ much in length, 15 centimeters each, that someone of the users may not be satisfied. Also in the box was a mini-manual for using under MacOS and Windows, but more on that separately.


Target audience

G-Drive Mobile was designed specifically for those who works with media content, be it photos, videos, and so on. Drive, given its huge for its class speed, allows you to store all files in his memory and get quick access to them and edit them not only in the workplace, but anywhere in the laptop.

G-Drive Mobile is perfect in General for all those who value their time and don’t like to wait until the file is copied to a USB stick or, on the contrary, with her. In fact, it can be used as a convenient way to transfer files between office staff in the absence of a local network and Internet access and cloud services. His quickness guaranteed eliminates all time delays, and the reliability is proved by a 5-year original warranty from Western Digital.



To evaluate the appearance of SSD and understand what it is, to put it mildly, the style can render on the packaging, but there is not taken into account the proportions – in fact, the size of new items amounted to only some 94х50х14,5 mm, meaning it with all of the increased strength of its body remains very compact.

The entire body of the G-Drive Mobile, and the black part constituting 95% covered with a special material, rough and reminiscent of a soft rubber. The silver part is just a matte rough plastic, fastened to the case by two metal screws. In fact, it’s a cover, removing which you can get to all the innards, as did our colleagues from Tom’s Hardware. They dismantled a similar version of the drive designed to connect via Intel Thunderbolt 3. Inside is a small Board with a connector M. 2, which put the SSD common format 2280 with b-key.

Also inside the housing there is a metal insert, giving it additional rigidity, and improve the aesthetic component of the insert is visible through the slot in the housing. USB interface-C is used to connect to a PC located on the silver lid, and the information led is placed into the lower end of the housing. Its hue – white, and it shines are distinguishable, but at the same time, dimly, that is blind he will never do.



In fact, the G-Drive Mobile looks, points to its premium class, but the way it feels in the hand, at times enhances this impression. Western Digital has clearly given this issue a lot of attention, worked the ergonomics of the body as much as possible. Separately the drive a little more than a standard credit card, but significantly less than current hard disks in a format 2.5 inches, which is well seen on the photo.

All the elements are convenient, especially the led – while on the opposite from the connector side, it will not irritate you with its shimmer. USB-C is strongly drowned in the case is necessary in order to completely eliminate a mechanical failure, even if you attempt to insert or pull out the cable at the wrong angle.

And speaking of the cables. Connectors they are reliable, plus that there are two versions of interfaces hundreds of times expands the range of devices that you can connect the SSD. But their length spoils the impression – arrange the drive so that it does not interfere (in a pair with a laptop) or not was hanging in the air (when connected to the system unit), is almost impossible. And here two variants – or to accept and get used to it, or buy the right cable of greater length.


The durability of the case

Western Digital said the G-Drive Mobile protection from water and dust according to IP67 standard, which means that the drive can take a shower, and even briefly to take in fresh water at a shallow depth. As part of testing to verify these claims, we did not, because no one in their right mind would take the SSD with you to the bathroom or the beach. In fact, protection from water in this case means that the SSD will definitely survive if you spill a drink on him and quick to dry, or if it will get caught in the rain.

But protection from falls we checked out. It is alleged that the drive will withstand landing on a hard surface from three-meter height. Throw it on concrete not steel, bed carpeted, and with a height of three meters drive fell and completely retained as performance and appearance. It is obvious that a fall from a lesser height, for example, from the table or pocket, also will not hurt him.

We add that the case G-Drive Mobile can withstand a pressure of 1000 pounds or 454 kilograms. In our opinion, this is excessive.


PC connection and software

G-Drive Mobile is designed for connection to Windows and MacOS, but these operating systems use different file systems, incompatible with each other. WD found a way out of this situation.

The test drive was conducted on laptops running Windows 7, macOS and Windows 10 High Sierra. Recall that in the box with the SSD lay a mini-manual with description of software operation is a very important point. The default drive is almost completely formatted with the Apple file system, and 4GB formatted to Fat32 in order to determine under Windows. In these 4 GB are two programs one installs the drivers for Windows to be able to “see” the file system Apple directly from “Explorer”, and the second just formats the entire volume in a standard NTFS. The first program works automatically and in the background, while the second interface at least in English, but is so simple that all operations are limited to the choice of file system and drive letter. If satisfied with the default values, you can always press Next, and the formatting will take a few seconds.

At the end of the process the resulting volume is a single disk will be 465 GB (at nominal 500 GB), but all available in its memory data will be erased, so don’t forget to make a backup.


Speed tests

Speed performance G-Drive Mobile we tested under Windows 7 and Windows 10, alternately connecting it to USB 2.0, then USB 3.0 to USB 3.1. It is important to understand that the full potential of the device is possible only with the help of USB 3.1 or a compatible USB-C as the modern Apple MacBook. If your PC or laptop does not have a matching connector, then the maximum speed of the G-Drive Mobile you to achieve can not.

So, when you connect to a long-outdated, but still widely popular USB 2.0 SSD test gave 32 and 25 MB/s for reading and writing respectively. It’s not much, but more the interface, released in 2000, alas, can not.

Next, move to a more modern USB 3.0 and everything is already much better. 265 and 264 MB/s read and write – it is quite possible to live, and it is not capable of normal hard disks.

But the real magic happens when you use USB 3.1. As you can see in the screenshot, the real value of speed reading is not only inconsistent with the stated, but even though not much, but exceed them. Write speed is about the same level, so it really is very fast for external media.


Pros G-Drive Mobile

– excellent speed;

– beautiful design;

– USB-C as the primary connection interface;

– protection from water, dust, and drops;

– an impressive amount;

– “stuffing” from Western Digital.


Cons G-Drive Mobile

very short supplied cable.

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