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Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva gave the first interview about their relationship


28-year-old Paulina Andreeva and 49-year-old Fedor Bondarchuk appeared on the cover of the new issue of Ksenia Sobchak L’officiel. Also a couple for the first time gave a joint interview, where he spoke about their relationship.

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Fedor remembered that he first saw Pauline in the performance “№ 13D”. According to Bondarchuk, actress rare theatrical texture: “Paulina on stage combines the beauty, Comedy and cosmic velocity”. The Director saw the series “Method”, which brought Andreeva fame. Fedor admire Pauline not only as an actress but as a woman. Bondarchuk believes that such as Andreev, almost gone.


“About these girls in the novels he wrote. Not our century. Dignity, integrity, honesty — they are not empty words. Poly have to ask, what books she grew up. And we laugh with her constantly,” — said the Director.

After it became known about the Roman Bondarchuk and Andreeva, the actress showered reproaches that she took Theodore from the family. The Director admitted that he was tired of listening to speculation, so he decided to officially introduce his beloved society. In the summer of 2016 for the first time the pair came out together — Theodore and Pauline appeared at the festival “Kinotavr”.


“We are not counted, what will be dressed, will or will not hold the hand, as we look at each other, we were the important fact first time working together,” said Bondarchuk.

Andreev admitted that after publication of the public began to criticize her even more. “I instantly turned out to be a mediocre actress, it turned out that I have many physical flaws: all sharply stirred up the shape of my ears, for example, psychics online began to predict the future, grandmother fortune tellers, astrologers, palmists, mystics of all sorts — no one left behind. Understand how the madness began?” — said the artist.


In recognition of the lovers, now they have so busy schedules that they may see for only a few hours a day. “Our life for the last six months looks like this: we talk on the phone and trying to figure out how many tonight have free time to spend it together — well, forty-five minutes, an hour, hour thirty,” said the Director.

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