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Funny TV presenter responded to lost earring

Телеведущая забавно отреагировала на потерянную сережкуCurious situation in the broadcast of the weather forecast.

During the live broadcast, when presenter Cecily spent Tainan weather forecast on ABC, with her ear accidentally dropped earring. The woman not only did not panic, but managed to thank the man behind the scenes for his help.

Such a “stir” in the air stirred up network Facebook. After the decoration fell to the floor, the woman continued the release, but after a few sentences she said that it was her favorite earring, and to lose it would be a shame.

The man who sat behind the scenes, decided to go and picked up the accessory, and then handed the decoration Cecil.

Now that was funny! ?

Published Frankie Tommy DeVito on may 22, 2017.

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