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Funny posters of the series Ghosted shipped to the classics of horror

After the creators of the new Thriller, Darren Aronofsky’s “mom!” and advertisers the second season of “strange Affairs”, still some filmmakers are sending greetings to the pillars of the horror genre. One-part Comedy sitcom “the phantom” (“Ghosted”), on the idea strongly looks like a parody of the “X-files”, also helped himself to a trio of posters, more than explicitly referencing the cult film. Such as “Alien”, “Fly” and “Poltergeist”.

The series has managed to amuse us original trailer and to treat several personnel. To entertain the newly minted show will famous comedians Adam Scott and Craig Robinson. The premiere of waiting for 1 October 2017.

Leroy Wright, a cynical skeptic, and the detective Department on search of missing people, who believes that stories about aliens nonsense, and those who believe in them, should be treated in a mental hospital… for example, max Jennifer. Max fully confident in the existence of the other, and even more – believes that they have kidnapped his wife. By a strange coincidence, Leroy and max enlists captain Ava Lari, the head of the top secret Bureau that investigates paranormal phenomena. Since then, the couple becomes a special agent, embarked on the thorny path of finding answers to questions. Along with other members of the Bureau they investigate a suspicious case and do everything possible to planet slept peacefully rotates around its axis at least a couple more days.

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