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Funny pictures from people with perfect sense of humor

Their cuteness gives lots of energy.

A great sense of humor is a priceless quality, that makes no sense to hide. Our heroes are not going to do that. They practice the wit, renting accommodation to rent, walking with the baby or just being in the office.

We have collected photos, which are very difficult to watch with a straight face.

1. Photos from the announcement on the delivery of housing

2. Motivation

3. When going to the store

4. “The 1950s. My grandfather dressed as a nurse. And it was not a costume party. He just decided it would be funny”

5. “Put that creature on the wall of his wardrobe”

6. “A colleague went on vacation, and we did a little “upgrade” his equipment”

7. All the chef will come up for you

8. Seemed

9. Helmet

10. Logical

11. Sorry, mate, the budget does not allow

“I was hoping for a pyramid”.

12. When you’re not too busy at the computer

13. The house of the introvert

“Did you read the text on my Mat. Today communication enough.”

14. Bus time

15. “I teach my daughter to drive.”

16. “A neighbor bought a vacuum sealer. I hate him”

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