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Funny jokes for good Saturday mood

Веселые анекдоты для хорошего субботнего настроенияBoost your good mood.

We offer you to read short jokes and enjoy moments of laughter and good mood.

What were you in past life?
– Yes, I that was nothing…

The crisis of middle age: today on the street a woman approached me with the words “young man”, and the girl in “ATB” asked to present pension certificate.

– Well, don’t be silent, tell me what you think.
– Yes, there is a solid Mat.

The slogan “the Pedestrian is always right!” marketers have come up with funeral agencies.

– Moishe, tell me, are you happy with your Base?
– But where to go?

Don’t be surprised the statistics of average salaries! In a variety of 1 elephant and 10 ants average mass of an ant can reach 500 pounds.

– The reason of your divorce?
The plaintiff:
– I learned that the owner of the apartment that we rented for two years, was himself!
– It’s brilliant!

– Nukak diploma?
– Yes what kind of degree, everything is much more important problem to solve: how much vodka to take to the prom..

If the night to go to rural discos and look at the starry sky, from the nose will cease bleeding.

– Honey, I’m gonna go with my friends walk!
– Just come back sober!
– Well then, until tomorrow…

Why the French have so many letters in words if they are half do not speak?

– Son, you’re a moron? Put that thing away from me!
Come on, dear, I don’t think you really liked my parents.

– Good evening, Sarah Abramovna! How’s your headache?
– Oh, went to play cards.

– Madame Trachtenberg when your little Sophie is thinking of getting married?
– Always!

Chaim, Sara was dead, why don’t you get married?
– You know, I’m looking for a woman with asthma.
– ?
After Serocki had so many drugs.

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