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Funny deer fight amused the Network

Забавная схватка оленей развеселила СетьTwo deer that fought in the American state of Tennessee, got an incredible popularity on the Internet.

In the video the animals look like they give each other slaps.

Deer Fight

A surprising video captured by one of our Wildlife Officers. It’s time to get those trail cameras out.

POLISH NOTE: This post has fascinated a lot of folks and media. While they didn’t say who captured the video in their initial post, we are thrilled that TWRA”s Wildlife Officers Amy and Bubba Spencer caught this great duel on one of their trail cameras. Amy and Bubba think these two bucks were working out their issues over a small food plot in Hardeman County.

Published by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency June 21, 2017

Users of the network immediately began to offer its version, which could explain what is happening:

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– It’s always about the woman

Someone called the wife of another fatty

Say, Iphone 8 now have animals for sale. And here two deer fighting for it

– Apparently, the deer, too, have political parties

They just made themselves RoGator in the cabin

– If they could hear, they would say: “Bitch, next time you bring my food, and I’ll get back to Cleveland… Yes, I’ll stand up!”

Scientists say, that this fight is a common thing among the deer this time of year. In spring and summer with the young of deer antlers covered in soft leather, which hardens only in the fall. So if they fight each other, try not to damage the horns, who at that time still very vulnerable.

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Despite the fact that it looks this fight is funny, it can be very dangerous because the front hoof of the deer is very acute and their Pets can cause each other serious wounds. As they say filmed the video ecologists, these animals are likely fighting over food, which is not shared.

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