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Full Russian woman pretended to be pregnant for maternity

Полная россиянка притворилась беременной ради декретных	The woman received a considerable amount.

School accountant from the village of Klyuchi, Kamchatka Krai (Russia), weighing about 150 pounds, was posing as a pregnant woman for maternity. A cunning ploy helped the woman to 263 thousand rubles (about 120 thousand).

31-year-old woman came to the reception to the gynecologist and reported that she has all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. With a preliminary diagnosis of “pregnancy of uncertain period,” she was sent for tests and ultrasound. To undergo diagnosis, the woman did not, but continued to gain weight.

After some time, the accountant came for the hospital, and sent her on maternity leave for six months, according to the Prosecutor’s office of the Kamchatka region.

According to the woman, she wanted to tell the doctors I was not pregnant, but allegedly did not.

In turn, the doctor-gynecologist, claims that the girl was given a certificate about the delay of the menstrual cycle, she took a job and began to leave.

The fraud was discovered when at the appointed delivery time, the woman went to the hospital. She opened the door to the doctors and did not communicate with them. The doctors asked the Prosecutor. A criminal case under article Fraud committed on a large scale.

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