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Fugitive oligarch from Ukraine Sergey Kurchenko won in Russia, the assets of Oleg Mkrtchyan

Беглый олигарх из Украины Сергей Курченко отвоевал в России активы Олега Мкртчяна

Revyakino metallurgical plant and the plant “Stavitel” who are Russian traders of products Industrial Union of Donbass under the leadership of the “Gas Alliance”.


This company is associated with who now lives in Russia, the Ukrainian businessman Sergei Kurchenko, which has close business ties with the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. According to the Russian newspaper “Kommersant”after the co-owner of ISD, Oleg Mkrtchyan was arrested, “Gas Alliance” quickly took control of all the assets of the company.

According to sources, RMK is planning to organize the supply of raw materials from the DNR, where Kurchenko also has control over industrial enterprises that a few years ago out of Ukrainian jurisdiction and came under the control of the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass.

According to “Kommersant” referring to multiple authoritative sources Kurchenko has established control over the management of the above industrial giants in February of 2017, when Moscow on suspicion of financial fraud connected with loans by Vnesheconombank to ISD was arrested the co-owner and General Director of the Union Mkrtchyan.

Kurchenko took over the business “for safekeeping”

From the data available in a publication known that Basmanny district court of Moscow seized all the assets of the company RGMK, owned Mkrtchyan. It is reported that the case is considered by the investigator Ruslan Miniahmetov representing the interests of the Main offices Sledkoma Russia and Miniahmetov identified “Gas Alliance” as a reliable company that can take on “responsible storage” the seized property Mkrtchyan.

According to open sources on the Internet firm “Gas Alliance” was opened in 2014 for the organization of wholesale sales of metal products. Some time after the firm opens branches in cities where there is GMC and Revyakino and the city of Nevinnomyssk.

RGMC was a trader ISD and remained under the control of the owners of shares of Ukrainian MMC until October 2015, with fabulous profits. In 2016, the company acquired plant property in revyakino, where his capacity was formed by RMK, which is in 2017 already bought the almost bankrupt at the time “Taustal”.

“Kommersant” writes that Mkrten actually haven’t owns shares in the assets of the company. “RGMK-South” is located in Bataisk, Rostov region told the newspaper that the “Gas Alliance” with the support of its business partners of the company “chop Vympel-Tactics” in August of this year, allegedly made raider capture of the enterprise, then the enterprise administration prohibited conduct without their permission any master’s activity.

After the intervention in the process of law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s office of the people “Gas Alliance” left the company “RGMK-SOUTH,” but based on them are still representatives of the “chop” that validate, in their opinion, illegal documents. In the near future, the regional court of arbitration will consider the claim “RGMK-South” to “Gas Alliance” and “chop Vympel-Tactics” of illegal seizure of business hearing scheduled for early October this year. The very same Mr. Kurchenko and representatives of the “Gas Alliance” of public comments on this matter have not yet been given.

The market is almost established

Note that Kurchenko has long been considered a person enter into the environment of Viktor Yanukovych and his family. After the coup in Ukraine and the flight of ex-President Square in Russia, the oligarch, according to media reports was also left to Moscow. It is known that Kurchenko along with many senior Ukrainian officials and businessmen came under US sanctions, and in 2018, the sanctions list was expanded and the “Gas Alliance”, as well as the company of South Ossetia “Vneshtorgservis”.

In Washington state that Kurchenko was under sanctions for trade in raw materials, which the company “Gas Alliance” dealing with uncontrolled Kiev territories to Russia. In particular, the “Kommersant” writes that Kurchenko for more than two years in control of the largest in the Donbass, Alchevsk metallurgical plant and the yenakiieve metallurgical plant, and also supplies the plants of the Republic iron ore. At the same time, South Ossetian “Vneshtorgservis” in the spring of 2017 the authorities of the DNI was officially announced as “interim Manager factories DNR”, passed under the jurisdiction of LDNR.

According to the Russian edition of RMK is almost fully established supply of raw materials from Donetsk and Lugansk, and the finished products produced in the DNI and LC plan to implement in Russia. The interlocutors of “Kommersant” reported that the “Gas Alliance” rapidly finds and large buyers. Thus, the company reportedly already has signed five major contracts to 2019 to supply nearly 17 million tons of coal from the Donbass at a total amount in excess of 35 billion Russian rubles.

According to preliminary data, the journalists of the edition, a large and successful contract “Gas Alliance” has concluded with “OGK 2” (Wholesale generating company, which is engaged in the manufacture and sale of electric and thermal energy, – Ed.) which is “Gazprom energoholding”. In addition, the experts-publishing interlocutors believe that the Donetsk and Luhansk coal now goes mainly on heat and Novocherkassk power station in Rostov region, and the products are sold primarily in Russia, and also in Syria. However, with the involvement of “Statale” and “RMK” and cooperating traders market products from LDNR may expand considerably.

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