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Fuel at Ukrainian filling stations continues to rise

Топливо на украинских АЗС продолжает дорожатьWOG, Socar and Shell raised the price of gasoline.

In the network WOG all fuels has risen by 46 kopecks./l. thus, the price of gasoline A-92 rose to 33.45 UAH/liter, A-95 – to 34.45 UAH/liter, A-95+ – 35,45 to UAH/l, diesel fuel – to 31.95 UAH/liter.

All types of fuel stations of Socar rose by 30 kopecks./l: gasoline a-92 went up to 33.29 UAH/liter, A-95 – to 34,29 UAH/liter, A-95+ – to 35,29 UAH/l, diesel fuel – to UAH 31,79/L. 32 kopecks./l and 30 kopecks./l increased the cost of Shell fuels and Avtoport.

The average retail price of diesel fuel and gasoline around the country on September 27 rose 9 kopecks./l.

Yesterday prices rose at the gas station OKKO.

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