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Fuck off! Sectarians of the BER bump on horror movies

“The horror from the point of view of impact on society does not bring people nothing but harm” – with the sunset to our page Vkontakte ZU threw a video called “State sponsored horror movies – WHY?!”. It is noteworthy that the movie created YouTube channel with a beautiful name of “Teach good”, which implies some sort of educational activity. In fact, however, we are dealing with obscurantism, sektantskiy propaganda and pseudoscience. Already, in fact, the original message about the dangers of horror films for the society the authors live in no way trying to justify (what about statistics, studies?..), giving his over a controversial statement for granted.

Further – more. “Russia is a separate civilization”, “stream horror movies contrary to the national interest” and so on and so forth. The overall message is clear, but, if anyone is interested, you can see the video:

As the object of attack was chosen as the long-suffering genre of horror, which in Russia is just starting to come to life. And, in particular, the domestic film “Bride,” with Director and producer who we did an interview:

Director Svyatoslav Podgaevsky: “the Bride” was my most daring film”

“Horror has no nationality.” Interview with Vladislav Severtsev

Last the authors of the video did not hesitate even to quote. Of course, snatching the words of the producer from the context. Quote:

Also from the film you can see that wedding dress in fact is analogous to the shroud of the dead, and the ancestors of the Russian wedding ceremony was held on the scenario of the funeral.
The message to the audience: Wedding rite of the ancestors of the Russian people was similar to the funeral
To comment on the reliability of such historical research will not just reveal who and for what purpose ascribes to the Russian people such traditions. The film is produced by Dmitry Litvinov Vladislav Severtsev, known for creating TV shows TNT “Battle of psychics”. And that you understand their approach to the history of our country and how it is necessary to cover, read the excerpt from the interview of Vladislav Severtsev “news”: “When I started to study Russian mythology and rituals, I discovered that we don’t know anything about the whole cultural layer — everything was lost after the revolution, he said. And there was such a horror that the hair stand on end, even to come up with nothing. We are trying these interesting things to pull out and show to the audience”.

Interesting wording about “ancestors of the Russian people” and their interpretation of others ‘ words.

Looking at the canal, “Teach good” you can find videos with titles like “the Contemporary television series – brainwashing,” “Methods of promotion of alcohol by means of film”, “Technology promotion of perversion in Russia”, “American animated films: the intellectual abuse of children” etc.. U guys have representative offices in social networks and a full site where there are sections of “good” and “bad”. And if the “bad” horror movies, the good reason Fedor Bondarchuk with “Gravity” and “Santa Claus”. The site also contains articles under the title “Signs of harmful film” and “Signs of harmful cartoon”, calls in to the Cinema Fund to deny projects like the “Bride” of financing and so on and so on and so forth.

Actually this site and this channel is the “artel” of KOB-Media, supporters of the so-called “Concept of Public Security”, as described on the website of this “cooperative” (links not given, once again, not a PR, but screenshots are available).

To give you a rough idea of what kind of office, you can look overview of the new LOONY:

Briefly summarized (throwing verbal garbage from LOONY and controversial moments of his speech), the facts are as follows: BER is a community of the sectarian type, based its propaganda on the conspiracy theories, the occult, stories about reptilians and that kind of bullshit.

Blaming horror movies and anything else in “harm to national interests” that is actually a lie, organizations like the KOB themselves cause society is specific harm: first, spreading of the false, unscientific information type propaganda, enticing people in a sectarian and ecologicheskie structure; and secondly, divided the society and contributing to the product inside of it conflicts. In the muddy water of this sect catch their goldfish, producing and selling all kinds of products, arranging fees of funds in its support, paid seminars of speakers, etc., etc.

What I want to say all this obscurantism, moral and intellectual freaks?..


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