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Fruit juice is considered a threat to dental health

Фруктовые соки признаны опасными для здоровья зубовNatural juices pose a huge threat to the health of the teeth.

Specialists pediatric dentistry studied the most frequently used drinks and found that grapefruit, orange and Apple juices are more dangerous than Cola.

Dr Ferranti Wong from the Royal London Hospital and Dr Linda Shaw of the University of Birmingham Dental School conducted a lot of tests on the drinks. They tested the reactivity of different drinks on tetrisemu acidity or their tendency to react with sodium hydroxide.

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Demineralization of enamel is directly related to tetrisemu acidity of the drinks. Erodirovannoj enamel also depends on the temperature of the drinks. Like all chemical reactions, the process is accelerated at elevated temperatures.

Therefore, less cold drinks damage the enamel. The authors make the assumption, why in Europe people are more prone to erosion of the enamel than in the US. In America, the drinks are always served with ice, and while American teenagers drink more soda, they have less problems with the demineralization of the enamel. The researchers say that dentists should tell their patients with erosions, that they drank the drinks through tubes, also to recommend the use of fluoride rinses and gels.

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