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From what can be seen shaking hands: called the main reasons

От чего могут дрожать руки: названы основные причиныDoctors have listed all possible provocateurs of hand tremor.

Many people are faced with the fact that they for no apparent reason start to shake. In fact, the reason is always there, but only in some cases it is insignificant and sometimes it can indicate a serious disease.

Hand tremor should alert the person and make him see a doctor if it occurs regularly and for no apparent reason. For example, immediately after awakening the person can’t lift a glass of water due to the fact that his hands were shaking.

When, after a long joystick control in the process of a computer game felt a brief trembling of the hands or fingers, there is nothing to worry about, because the reason – a banal strain.

Doctors called the five main instigators of the shaking of the upper limbs:

Parkinson’s Disease. Hand tremor is observed even at rest. This disease is neurodegenerative, with him dying brain cells, from what appears hand tremors, facial tics, and slurred speech. Unfortunately, this disease is incurable.

Stressful situation. In such cases, can tremble not only hands, but whole body, head and even voice. People at the time of a strong shock might notice that his hands really shake. Usually, this symptom disappears immediately after the person ceases to worry and fear.

An overabundance of caffeine in the body. Very often coffee drinkers are faced with such a side effect of drinking coffee as trembling of the hands. To resolve this symptom, you just need to reduce the dose of caffeine and go for a more gentle drink.

Chronic fatigue. The lack of rest and lack of sleep are the main causes of development of chronic fatigue. And there is nothing surprising that you have not rested and not resting workaholic shaking hands. You should just relax, but before that consult a doctor, as this way of life can lead to serious disorders in the body.

Drugs. Some medications cause hand tremor in the form of complications. Such drugs can be attributed at first sight absolutely harmless pills for asthma.

Even doctors explained what is the essential hand tremors. As it turned out, it can be passed down from older relatives, and often manifests itself in the form of light, although age may increase, but this is a more rare complication. In this case, hands are shaking when they are active.

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