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From Ukraine tried to take the ancient sword

Из Украины пытались вывезти старинную саблюThe man together with the detected object passed to the SBU.

The ancient sword has already begun 19th century, which tried to covertly move across the border is a Portuguese citizen, March 25, was discovered by the border guards of Lutsk detachment in cooperation with SBU.

The old subject of border guards together with employees of fiscal services found in the structural features of the Mercedes, which was heading from Ukraine through the checkpoint “Yagodyn”.

Preliminary information about the possible illegal movement of cultural goods from the territory of Ukraine, the border guards received in advance from the SBU. Sword, embellished, perhaps, with precious stones and a scabbard to it, the driver hid under the Luggage compartment trim panel of the machine. The man together with the detected object passed to the SBU.

Also on March 25 border guards of Mostyska detachment together with representatives of the fiscal service found at the checkpoint “shehyni” 13 ancient coins 1838 – 1924 years of release.

While scanning the Peugeot Slovak registration driven by a Ukrainian citizen review panel in the cabin of the vehicle was found ancient coins of different denomination and year of issue. These coins were transferred to fiscal service for examination.

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