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From these products after the age of thirty should be abandoned

От этих продуктов после тридцати лет лучше отказаться  They hurt the figure and health.

The biggest advantage of the onset of adulthood is that you can do whatever you want. This applies to food choices including. Pizza for Breakfast? Please. But when the belly grows and the numbers on the scale begin to frighten, then it is a clear signal that freedom in the diet did not remain without consequences.

The older a person gets, so it’s hard to fight obesity. With age, the metabolism slows down and so you need to limit or even eliminate some foods from your diet. Some of them are not formed adult body no good, and part of, on the contrary – even very harmful. When a man reaches 30 years of age, should be required to abandon the use of the following products:
1. Yogurt with flavors

The main enemy of a healthy and elastic skin is sugar. The rejection of cookies and candy is not always helps to keep the skin elastic. All because of eating the yogurts with different flavors, we actually eat more sugar than I would eat chocolate candy. To have a healthy complexion and not to provoke informed the appearance of wrinkles, avoid flavored yogurts.
2. Canned vegetables

Canned vegetables contain a lot of salt, which also negatively affects the body and contributes to premature aging of the skin. And, as you know, has a negative impact on normal blood pressure. It is especially dangerous to eat canned foods in cans, part of which may have chemicals that cause cancer, infertility and obesity.
3. Alcoholic beverages

With age, the body ceases to metabolize alcohol. If at 21 you can drink beer, dance until midnight and in the morning to look great, then in 30 so do not work. Except for the hangover in the morning, alcohol will “suck” from the body all the moisture that is needed for the skin’s elasticity and eventually lead to weight gain.
4. White bread and pastries

If the bread is not whole grain, it should not be consumed. When eating white bread and baking the body turns refined carbohydrates into sugar and then into glucose and damages the collagen, which fights against wrinkles. If you can’t live without breads and pastries, choose only whole grains. This applies to pasta also.
5. Vegetables and fruits with pesticides

For 30 years the body has accumulated enough toxins that adversely affect metabolism and hormonal balance. Even if you do not eat sweet and fatty foods, can accumulate harmful substances by using normal vegetables and fruits. Pesticides, which are also called pesticides, unfortunately, are now very commonly used in agriculture. The most popular products that has a high content of pesticides: apples, strawberries, grapes, celery, peaches, spinach, sweet peppers, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes.
6. Sausages

Meat is considered to be the main product on the table. But this does not apply to processed meats such as sausages and various types of sausages. They contained preservatives, flavor enhancers and stabilizers induce the development of gastric cancer and other diseases.
7. Margarine

This is one of the most common TRANS fat that promotes heart disease. It can also speed up the aging process of the skin making it more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. The consumption of margarine increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and leads to obesity.
8. Cookies with filling

Many people like to have Breakfast with cookies with different sweet fillings. Quick, tasty and satisfying. But in these cookies contains a huge risk of cardiovascular diseases. And cookies, and the filling includes a lot of sugar.
9. Burgers

About the dangers of fast food now, do not say just lazy. Fast foods provoke gastritis, ulcers and even cancer. People EN masse eat burgers with beef Patty, convincing yourself that you are getting the vitamins needed by the body, which contains beef. But the burgers, no nutrients. They only contain TRANS fats, which bring great harm and destroy the body.
10. Sodas

For those who are thinking about continuing sort of need to forget about sugary carbonated drinks. They contain huge amounts of sugar and carcinogenic dyes, which can lead to infertility both men and women.
11. Diet drinks

Drinks like diet coke and the like may seem less harmful, but it is far from the truth. Instead of the caramel coloring chemical that makes coke brown, diet painted brominated vegetable oil used in rocket fuel. This has a negative impact on the thyroid hormones.
12. Popcorn

The main attribute of any of the cinema — popcorn — not so harmless as it seems at first glance. The view that popcorn is a healthy natural snack of whole grain, is absolutely wrong. Of course, the grain of corn is not harmful, but the method and technology of preparation is very dangerous. Besides the fact that popcorn may contain huge amount of salt and sugar for cooking used fragrances, palm oil and synthetic components.
13. Chips

Long been known for making chips instead of real potatoes use potato flour or potato flakes special. But that’s not the worst that’s in them. Manufacturers of chips added to them to enhance the taste of monosodium glutamate and various synthetic flavors, which give the chips a taste of cheese, sausage, onions and so on.
14. Soy sauce

Harmful ketchup and mayonnaise started to replace soy sauce. Certainly, sauce based on roasted soybeans are not as harmful as mayonnaise, but believing in safety is not worth it. It contains a huge amount of sodium salt, which has an irritating effect on the mucosa, forming stones in the kidney and contributes to salt buildup in the joints.

15. Cold coffee/Frappuccino

Frappuccino is a very insidious beverage. Mix coffee, sugar, milk and cream have a huge stress on the body. The digestive system is almost not able to digest the sweet, fatty and cold. Daily consumption of this drink can lead to problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

This is the list of the most frequent food of the common man. Harmful products that surround us in daily shops and supermarkets, of course, much more. Eliminate at least these products and you will immediately feel how your body will feel better.

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