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From the sunflower in the Bud may rose: why do intimate plastic surgery has become so popular

In fact, there aren’t many studies that confirm that contouring, laser rejuvenation and intimate plastic safe. However, this does not prevent thousands of women every year go under the knife and go to the doctors of aesthetic medicine. According to statistics, last year the demand for labiaplasty (a surgery to restore the shape of the labia and surrounding tissues of the vulva) increased by 30 percent. SPLETNIK.RU talked to the surgeon and the therapists about who and why you need a intimate plastic, and have collected real reviews from women who’ve done it.

Many women are faced with the fact that due to various factors (congenital, developmental or hormonal changes) they are not satisfied with the way they look, the vulva. And even openly talking about the sexual sphere, to affect its physiological aspects have long been considered something indecent or forbidden.

Some say that increased demand for so-called “designer vagina” has grown thanks to the popularity of “Brazilian” hair removal bikini area. According to experts, it supposedly forced the women to take another look at your vulva. Others blame the industry of adult films: girls inadvertently compare their genitals and the genitals of a porn actress. Some of you having read this far, say: “While bodypositive makes one step forward towards freedom, women do two steps back”. However, the craze for beauty, “the nurse” (as they call the female sex organ, some Gossip girl) we can not ignore, so find out more about all existing methods of correction.


This surgery to change the shape and size of small and large labia with the aim of restoring their aesthetics and eliminating congenital or acquired defects.

When patients come, they say their labia are excessively large, they were either born with them, or the labia over time (some say that this happened after the birth). Only a few want simply beautiful labia, mostly on the dare not labiaplasty for cosmetic reasons, but because the genitals cause discomfort: clothes rubs, large labia interfere with sports and sex, says Dr. Ronald Blatt.

Labiaplasty takes one to two hours. The surgery can be done under local or General anesthesia (sometimes the treatment is carried out under conscious sedation — patients are awake during the procedure and Wake up soon after its completion). Prices for labiaplasty vary from three to six thousand dollars. The stitches are removed on the 14th day, can have sex three weeks after labiaplasty, but full recovery may take up to three months.

Vaginoplasty (vaginal or colpoplasty)

Vaginoplasty is usually required after the birth, which took place naturally and was accompanied by rupture of the vaginal walls.
Childbirth tissue is first stretched and then compressed, but in original condition they come very rarely. Many patients complain that they no longer enjoy sex or don’t feel anything during sexual intercourse,— says the expert.

During the procedure the doctor sews the front or back (depending on indications) vaginal wall. Is vaginal under anesthesia and lasts from one to two hours. After the surgery lasts from one to three months, depending on the nature of the evidence, the severity of functional disorders, the extent of the surgery, age, state of health of the patient. Cost: from three to 12 thousand dollars.

Within two months after surgery, sex life prohibited. An exception is made for sex without penetration — it can be done in four or five weeks after the surgery.

Reduction of the clitoral hood

Some patients clitoral hood is overly large and completely covers the clitoris. They want the Clit looked more carefully. The procedure involves making incision on the clitoral hood and removal of excess tissue. The operation takes about thirty minutes and is performed under local or General anesthesia. The cost usually amounts to three or four thousand dollars.

Complete recovery after correction of the clitoris takes two to three weeks. At this time, specifically excludes sexual contact, and also in the first two weeks should abandon the sauna, pool, use of tampons and significant physical exertion.


Contour of the intimate zone is when you reduce the width of the vagina after childbirth, to increase G point (to improve the quality of sexual life) also uses hyaluronic acid.

First, the procedure is comfortable, painless and safe. Use hypoallergenic products based on hyaluronic acid — a natural component of the skin. At any time you can hold decorrencia or another procedure since the hyaluronic acid gradually completely eliminated from the body.

Second, the procedure lasts an hour and takes place with the use of application (surface) anesthesia, that is, does not require anesthesia. In addition to the aesthetic result, the fillers enhance the hydration of the mucosa that also speeds up the metabolism in tissues and improves the function of receptors responsible for sexual arousal, explains Sabrina Ismailov, doctor-dermatologist, cosmetologist, founder of the cosmetic clinic Dr. Sabrina Ismailova.

Sexual rest should keep for about three days, do physical exercise, for example, fitness or swimming, not a week, and three weeks after injection should refrain from visiting saunas.

Laser therapy

Those who recently gave birth and wants to return to its original shape and rejuvenate their sexual organs, in our clinic, we would recommend treatments with the laser module Joule DiVa. It is used in postpartum period to restore the turgor of the tissue, after treatment with the nozzle narrowing of the vagina reaches almost 20% — says Irina Belyakina, obstetrician-gynecologist, candidate of medical Sciences Real Clinic.

As a rule, the rehabilitation period lasts about five days. During this period, the vaginal walls are narrowed, it returns the sensitivity.

We asked the surgeon, Dr. Vladislav Gladyshev from Moscow Platinental clinics to answer the most popular questions about intimate plastic.

When in America, and in Russia we have started to do such operations?

In the U.S., such operations are carried out in a very long time, preferring the method of direct excision. In Russia some five years ago, labiaplasty was not so common. Such operations do not exceed two to three percent of all operations.

Is there a so-called “Golden section”, the ideal of how should look like labia?

No, perfect labia does not exist, but there is the aesthetic unit that may not comply with the terms “nice” and “neat”. For patients not so important the size of the labia minora, as important, whether they are covered by the labia majora, i.e. do not protrude beyond them. Sometimes patients request to reduce the labia minora solved by increasing larger. That is why it is important integrated approach and anatomical detail at the first consultation.

Is there any direct testimony to labioplasty? Many refer to the concept of intimate rejuvenation like overkill, and considering this direction as a kind of whim.

In the context of intimate plastic aesthetic readings often turn into indications for operation/procedure for health reasons. Chronic discomfort or even pain when any kind of activity significantly affect the quality of life and not just sex. And it’s a vicious circle: the more linen traumatized genitalia, the more indications for the operation. Chain reaction reduced self-confidence, mood, and libido.

Why do you think that nowadays women have become so concerned with the “design of the ground floor”?

Highly respected in the environment of plastic surgeons around the world the journal Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2014 on the pages published an article about natural trends in plastic surgery and … publications in the magazine Playboy. In a nutshell: the analysis of photographs of erotic magazine number of subscribers which, by the way, 19 percent of the women showed the displacement of the center of the composition of the pictures below — that is, intimate area that, according to the researchers, had an impact on the promotion of aesthetic genital surgery. I see reason in fashion (lingerie, swimwear), emancipation and availability of information.

What are the most frequent queries to your patients? They say that most often apply in connection with the hyperextension of the walls and the divergence of the pelvic floor muscles.

Undoubtedly, these symptoms, women often enough. For patients not mentally ready for the big intervention, I have developed a comprehensive program, including the PRP, and laser resurfacing, and fillers. The secret is in the timing of the procedures and their frequency. However often I do labioplasty, and here too not all so is simple: I release and preserve all the nerve fibres, after surgery to not only improve appearance, but also increase the sensitivity. The operation is laborious and delicate, I do not accept half measures.

How long after the intimate plastic keeps the result?

The result is stored for life. And uncomplicated childbirth is not affected. However, an important method of intervention, doctor of jewelry should calculate the amount that should be retained, however, to remove enough tissue so that the patient was satisfied with the results.

If we talk about non-surgical rejuvenation intimate: what are the advantages of laser treatment, biorevitalization, injections, plasma and intimate contouring?

In my practice, I see the impressive results of complex treatment, which includes all the above. In isolation everything works, but the testimony of each procedure vary depending on the initial state of the genital region of the patient. The PRP helps to improve the quality of the vaginal mucosa, the laser treatment helps to reduce the volume of the vagina and is used to treat hyperpigmentation. Intimate contour plastic you can adjust not only the shape of the labia majora, but also to perform a lift of the Mons pubis, to neutralize the effects of caesarean section.

Who is your average patient, who comes to intimate plastic?

Intimate plastic the most popular among women who have given birth naturally, but also among progressive girls who do not wish to limit myself in anything. Among my patients there are virgins who are in everyday life enlarged labia cause discomfort.

Due to what changes the quality of sex life?

In order to understand how intimate plastic affect the confidence women have once to see a patient who has already passed the simple recovery and came to check inspection. Literally — a different gait, posture and any tightness. I started with the “non-medical” part, because we believe confidence also affects the quality of sex life.

If we talk about the surgical side of the question, or even improving sensitivity occurs due to the removal of chronically traumatized linen fabrics labia minora reduction clitoral hood, that is, its denudation. Since I keep all my nerve endings, the sensitivity increases because of their more superficial location. Vaginal is designed to provide a tighter girth of the penis during intimacy.

Three patients of the clinic openly talked about why the decided on intimate plastic, was pleased with the result and how it reacted to their partners.

Stella, Arkhangelsk

Some years ago I ceased to hold that appears with age estetichnost labia minora, namely, asymmetry, and disappeared the richness and appeal of large labia! Due to the asymmetry were occasional physical discomfort, especially in sports, and the feeling of uneasiness during moments of intimacy.

In General, the idea of an operational upgrade “my treasure” settled in my head and firmly stuck there. Another five to seven years ago, offers clinics labiaplasty was very stingy, not everywhere practiced. Currently, it is the plastic surgery is steadily growing, demand is growing. Preparation for surgery was traditional: the delivery and receipt of the required tests, placement in the clinic, the surgery. I had a great attitude, without a moment of doubt and fear thanks to my doctor and the anesthesiologist.

Rehabilitation painless, physiological discomfort was minimal, except that it was necessary to survive two weeks, constantly changing surgical pads with ointment. In addition to addressing the asymmetry of the labia minora on the recommendation of the doctors was produced by fat grafting (the increase in own fat) of the labia majora. The result — beauty and aesthetics is in the details! Complexes and the discomfort is gone. The husband was a man of few words but feel and see that happy and excited.

I think that if you are unhappy with the look of your genitals and want to improve the quality of sex life, without fear and doubt decide for the change. But before that, check the reputation of the clinic and customer reviews, learn about the professional qualities of surgeons (diplomas, practice, knowledge). And trust your instincts. Women have it finely tuned. I wish you all beauty and health!

Lera, Moscow

In July 2018, I did a labiaplasty. I was not happy with the asymmetry of the labia minora, one was bigger than the other and go beyond the large lips. Also was worried about the pigmentation and I didn’t like the aesthetic appearance of the genitals. My expectations were fully met: the lips are more careful, and the skin — light. Husband I didn’t warn you about what was decided for the plastic, said only that it will be a surprise. He was just waiting, though I know I want to do it.

Rehabilitation was almost imperceptible and painless. There was only slight discomfort the first few days, even now I do not remember, honestly, just enjoy the result.

Galina, Moscow

Was overly enlarged labia. Turned to the clinic for labioplasty. Expectations were fully met: I now feel 100 percent beautiful, desirable and confident. My husband fully supported it, considering it my personal and informed decision. Rehabilitation was satisfactory. There was a very strong swelling, due to the individual characteristics of the organism. Otherwise, everything is fine.



Of course, everyone decides to do any plastic or not. Accept yourself or try something to improve — the eternal dilemma that cannot be solved only by you.

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