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From the horrors of nature with the horrors of human

Distributor Megogo rather optimistic forecasts to produce in the Russian hire the film “Monster’s Lair” (Bad Samaritan) in February 2018. Even specific date is 22nd February. Despite the fact that this movie, no trailers, no dates world premiere – “a little” doubt downright in 2-3 months we’ll see. The project, meanwhile, curious.

First, it performs Director Dean Devlin. In the past – a regular writer of the movie Roland Emmerich, and together they worked on such films as “Universal soldier”, “Stargate”, “independence Day”, “Godzilla”. For Devlin , the”Monster’s Lair” will not be directorial debut – who are quietly finishes rental disaster film “Geostorm”. Box office receipts of this picture, especially in the US, turned out to be APB, but there is a “but”. In the United States because of natural disasters, this film could not be accepted by the audience because of the painful topic is on one side. On the other, “the Monster’s Lair” is a something completely different – judging by the bits and pieces of information about the plot that we have, it is not expensive blockbuster, but rather a chamber Thriller in the spirit of last year’s “don’t breathe”:

If you are going to Rob a house, a couple of thieves unexpectedly stumbles out there on the woman being held prisoner in this house.

For chamber performances and suggests the figure of the screenwriter in the past Brandon Boyce scored the script for the Thriller “apt pupil” (on the novel by Stephen king).

The main roles in the film got people like ex-Doctor Who David Tennant, Robert Sheehan (with whom he worked on the set of “Geostorm”) and Lisa Brenner (TV performances “Diary of Elena Rimbauer” and “Bermuda triangle”).

In the absence of the trailer got yet for you a couple of shots and a poster. And Yes, we also do not like the idea of Russian localization instead of direct translation of the title (“Bad Samaritan” – a direct allusion to the biblical parable) to sell to us, the audience, the next gag.

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