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From the diet of men should exclude these products

Из рациона питания мужчин следует исключить эти продуктыDoctors warned men about the serious danger that lurks in certain foods.

Not everyone knows that the production of testosterone in the male body can slow down or stop is not an indefinite period, not only because of age and other reasons, and also because the man doesn’t eat right. More precisely, he uses products that are totally unacceptable to his health. These products contribute to decreased levels of the “male” hormone testosterone, resulting in the representative of the stronger sex may forever lose its force.

Doctors are sure that of impotence problems can be avoided if you eat correctly. At least, from the diet should completely eliminate the following foods and drinks:

1. Alcohol. Any kind of alcoholic beverages gives the man a kind of courage, of manhood, but at the same time affects its potency. It turns out that abusing alcohol at the party and a few hours of luring any woman, the man can no more get in intimate terms. So it is better to refuse from alcohol.

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2. Mint and all meals as well as cocktails prepared with it. The thing is that mint possesses soothing properties and not only on the nervous system and the endocrine, so production of testosterone can dramatically suspended.

3. Sweet soda. It would seem, except for the incredible amount of sugar in sugary carbonated drinks nothing scary and dangerous, but this is not so. If you carefully read the label with the composition of the drink, you will see many unknown names of preservatives and additives that negatively affect the production of hormones, including serotonin and testosterone, so after a couple of cups of sweet drinks men have neither the desire nor the opportunity to participate in the intimacy with his beloved will not.

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4. Preservation. All that was preserved in a jar, may cause serious damage to the “masculine” force. This is because these products are enriched with sodium and because their use may increase blood pressure, but blood flow to the sexual organs, on the contrary, will decrease.

5. Fatty, fried, smoked meat, and sausages. The concentration of fat and other harmful substances in these products is off the charts. The result of their use of the endocrine system in the male body could crash and lose so what’s going to happen a hormonal imbalance. And this, in turn, will affect the potency and men’s health in General.

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