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From the demonic nuns of the “Curse” appeared Pakistani sister

Here we criticize domestic producers of horror movies, a lot of criticize for that, but among the main claims of: mindless copying of Western examples of the genre. Supposedly, there would have to come up with something stupidly took loggerheads Hollywood! Yes, it happens, but when there is, “they” rumble hits, it’s hard not to try to implement working methods to our domestic film industry. Another question – how.

But Western horror inspired not only us. For example, Pakistan. There, oddly enough, also remove the horror, the proof of which is the recent online trailer for “Betting” (Pari). It looks good, it does not seem utter lyubitelskoy, but resembles a bunch of stuff already seen before. Again klipovoe direction with ghosts or demons, the now fashionable topic. Then you and the dark misty woods, and a big house with spontaneously slamming doors, and moving the rocking chair, and the sinister kids, and… hell, easier to list what isn’t here. Even manasco demon brought!

In General, look, the sight is quite amusing, especially when connected tune.

Suddenly if anyone is interested, the film was removed Syed Atif Ali. He also worked on the script with the participation of Muhammad Ahsan. The trailer is adapted for English-speaking audience, because the production connected the MIG World Media USA and ScreenShots Production. Release is promised for Halloween this year.

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