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From the bottom of the Arctic ocean is heard the mysterious noise

Со дна Ледовитого океана доносится таинственный шумScientists are studying a strange noise in the Arctic.

Numerous complaints of the Inuit village of Igloolik on a strange noise coming from the bottom of the Arctic ocean, drew the attention of the canadian authorities.

Two Rangers of the canadian Armed forces sent to the Strait of fury and Hecla to determine the source of the sound.

According to the portal Motherboard, the Inuit have repeatedly complained about the disappearance of fury and Hecla fish and other marine life.

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Local hunters state that remained in the region only birds. The village Igloo is located 120 kilometers Northwest of the Strait.

According to local hunters, from the bottom of the Strait periodically heard a strange noise, raspugivali fish and marine animals.

Previously, the team of Rangers on the plane for one and a half hours explored the Strait of fury and Hcl and have not revealed any acoustic anomaly.

The complaints of the Inuit is not stopped, and this time the Ministry of defence of Canada sent two Rangers to the village to study the phenomenon of the lifeless waters of the Strait.

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According to Professor Steve Ferguson from Unitedsta Manitoba, echolocation can scare away marine life.

Geologists refute unauthorized mining in the area. Greenpeace also was implicated in origin of strange sounds in the ocean waters.

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