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From surfers to hippies: remember the hairstyles of brad pitt over the past 25 years

Brad Pitt

Today brad pitt is 55 years old. We decided not to be banal and not offer you pass the test, “What brad pitt could be your boyfriend?” — better view on beauty experiments of the actor. We love him and bearded man with surfer blond hair and a scruffy, and even very ridiculous pigtails. Remember all the hairstyles ex-spouse of Angelina Jolie since his appearance in the film “Thelma and Louise” (Thelma & Louise) to the present day.

Over the years the hottest actor in the world have demonstrated varied, but always appealing images. It doesn’t matter if he grows streaked shoulder-length hair, like in the film “Troy” (Troy) or you receive with a classic English haircut with a side parting “British”, as in “inglorious Basterds” (Inglourious Basterds). Pitt is everything.

In 1994 in pitt’s career reached a turning point. First, he played Louis de Pont du Lac in “Interview with the vampire” (Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles) on the eponymous book by Anne rice, and received two awards at the MTV Movie Awards 1995. He then starred in the film “Legends of autumn” (Legends of the Fall) on the novel by Jim Harrison. For this role, pitt was first nominated for the award “Golden globe” in the category “best male role”. In both these pictures the actor would appear in the form of Tarzan, with hair to his shoulders.

A year later, the star still had to part with their hair for the filming of the Thriller David Fincher’s “Seven” (Seven). Then pitt was twice named the “sexiest man among the living” by People magazine, becoming the first person to be awarded this title more than once.

And here is the same hairstyle from the movie “Fury” (Fury). For the filming of the drama about the Second world war, where he played a tanker, the actor parted ways with his long hair and changed their bold short hairstyle.

In early November, pitt attended the awards ceremony Hollywood Film Awards in Los Angeles. His appearance caused a real furor. Fans of the actor were amazed at how young and fresh he looked. Maybe it’s the new hair. He grew his hair for the filming of the new film by Quentin Tarantino “Once in Hollywood” (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), the action of the story takes place in 1969.

What’s brad pitt like?

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