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From Putin’s demand to send doctors not in Italy and in the regions of Russia

От Путина требуют отправить врачей не в Италию, а в регионы России

From the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the Russian government demand to send doctors not in Italy, and in the Russian regions. The petition, which gathered nearly 900 signatures posted on the website

The author of the petition notes that in Russia there is no real coverage of testing for coronavirus. There are settlements located several hundred kilometers from the nearest hospital. “In any Subicle, Buryatia, Yakutia is one district hospital in a radius of 500-600 km. Even in the Leningrad region, where in season there are more than a million truckers, to the nearest intensive care have to travel sometimes more than 100 km,” says the author.

The petition emphasizes that Italy suffered serious losses from the coronavirus, but to help her needs of the country, able to provide assistance without fatal damage to themselves, and Russia can not do this because she is not prepared for epidemics, according to the author.

Also, the petition notes that the Russian population in the mass is not on the street medical masks, and the business and self-employed citizens do not go to quarantine, because they have no savings to afford not to work. According to the author of the petition, “… many scientists predict that Russia will face a situation, which hit Italy, after 8-11 days.” “You can’t take from the poor and the suffering, for the sake of foreign policy points to convey good Italy,” the author writes.

The petition noted that the decision to help the Italians was made by Putin in order to “achieve a positive foreign reputation,” but “for his personal pleasure Putin will pay with the health of the residents of the Russian Federation”.

The author demands that Putin, the government, the Ministry of defence have been concentrating on the training of Russian medical institutions to increase the number is infected with a coronavirus, and military doctors were not directed towards Italy and to the regions of the Russian Federation “with the lowest health insurance coverage.”

We will remind, in Russia, according to the operational headquarters on 23 March, recorded 438 cases of coronavirus. Under medical supervision there are 52 thousand 747.

About what it’s like to be a patient of the Communitarian hospital in Moscow, as are the doctors and patients and how can we expect test results for coronavirus in the podcast of “Rosbalt” said the journalist Victor Nabutov.

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