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From Putin we wait for new victories

От Путина ждут новых побед

Because of the unusual date of the message of the President the state Duma has decided to postpone final approval of the work plan for the spring session.

On Tuesday the state Duma has officially kicked off the spring session, the deputies did not leave time for procrastination — Wednesday, January 15, they are waiting in the Kremlin to hear the presidential address to the Federal Assembly.

So early — immediately in the first full working week after the Christmas holidays parliamentarians did not collect more than ever. As a result, they decided not to approve the plan of work for the session, and will correct it already in the message. Many MPs admit that they expect from President “breakthrough and new victories”. Otherwise, they themselves will not be easy, because 2020, in fact, will be the election. And when, if not now, do all to the electorate, at least temporarily, felt the care of the state?

Especially nervous in the Communist party and “Fair Russia”, where concerned alleged plans by the presidential administration to run for the elections to the state Duma several new party projects, which can seriously complicate the position of the parliamentary opposition. For this reason, they reinforce the rhetoric of the opposition, and the number introduced in the Duma populist bills went up.

So, the Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov reiterated that the country needs a “left turn”. And the Deputy of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” Oleg Shein accused the government of “improper targeting”. “The country is tired to work for free on oligarchy and no illusions for a long time nobody is experiencing”, he said.

United Russia also decided to fight poverty in the country, declaring it a priority for the session “creating the conditions for economic growth.” However, without the prior consent of the President and the government any initiative in this regard can be in the basket.

In other words, members are also unfree people and serious decisions don’t trust them, but to threaten with the fist, for example, protecting the memory of ancestors who died in the Second world war, is they can completely. So, the state Duma has announced plans to fight “falsification of history” in international venues, particularly the PACE.

Thus, the interest in the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory will be heated on Okhotny Ryad until may 9, and at the same time will be resolved and the task of rallying people around the leader of the country, as they say in the Duma, punching and kicking from all sides and it has already gone to the point that “we want the Nazis to equate” and “Win away”.

Another topic for discussion at the Duma can become amendments to the Constitution. Apparently, the very possibility of editing the main law of the country turned to the Duma leadership obsession. And no matter what we are talking about mere trifles like formal extension of the powers of Parliament or until the amorphous proposals on “creating a unified system of public authorities”. Deputies important to start the process and thereby show that they, too, have something to solve. Although it is possible that in this way the public really prepared for a radical revision of the Constitution, the Duma’s initiative is needed only in order for the audience that is called “warm up”.

In any case, the deputies, most likely, will not dare to anger the people of the new and unpopular laws down to the state Duma elections in 2021. Although various unpleasant surprises are still possible. So, this year, the Parliament will adopt a new version of the Administrative code, which can be a lot of new (and high) fines. Apparently, the Duma all-taki will make a sensational bill “virtual camps of the opposition,” participation in the work of which promises fine participants in unauthorized protests.

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