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From “Primal rage” nowhere to hide (VIDEO)

In the latest excerpt of the horror of Primal Rage we are the lost hunter, who suddenly realizes that someone is watching him from the thicket of the forest. And despite the presence of guns soon man becomes a hunted animal, and the role of the hunter takes quite a different creature that came to us from native American folklore.


Lost in the forests in the Northwest USA, Ashley and Max are faced with a terrible fierce creature who may be the legendary Bigfoot. That’s just the beast stalking them like prey. The myth turns into a cruel reality. In desperation, Ashley and Max together with a handful of bizarre locals and try to confront the monster in a desperate battle for life and death.

Impressions of the new passage remain mixed: on the one hand, but shoot it could be better. But again please practical effects. Director Patrick mudgee, apparently, pays special attention to all kinds of meat and protruding bones, and implements it very efficiently. Good special effects — his main job profile.

Starring in “Primal rage” was performed by Casey Gagliardi and Andrew Joseph Montgomery, both newcomers. Of the more experienced guys can note such actors like Eloy Casados (“abrupt Walker: Justice in Texas”), Marshal Hilton (“revenge of the Man-rabbit”), Justin rain (“Mahaki”) and Brandon Gibson (“Funny”).

Today, February 27, “Primal rage” was made available on us platform Fathom Events.

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