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From Kiev told about the terrible state of the hospital in Genichesk

Киевлянка рассказала о жутком состоянии больницы в ГеническеOfficials can’t explain why not enough money for the hospital.

The peeling walls, broken furniture, rusted plumbing and drip on the clothes rack. Social networks protested the condition of the district hospital in the resort area of Social networks protested the condition of the district hospital in the resort area rough reaction in social networks has caused Kurortniy from Kiev. During a holiday on the Azov sea, she and her daughter came to the district hospital. Unable to restrain indignation.

Photo of the hospital placed the patient Henichesk district hospital. Her 11-year-old daughter with a temperature above forty moved to a ward in the infectious disease Department. The dropper attached to the hanger.

“I thought that I was somewhere 40 years ago. Or in the postwar period, the period of the bombing, that’s something. I never thought that this could be in the 21st century,” says the mother of a sick child Alina Semerakova.

Doctors explain, that day was a large influx – the patient was placed where there was an empty place, the droppers are also not enough. Here do not hide – such wards in the infectious disease Department two floors. Building 70-ies of the last century, without repair for 15 years. It has replaced Windows. Now change the plumbing. For more, said the chief doctor, no money.

The children’s Department was renovated on the donations of patients and benefactors. To update the three scraped together money in the district budget. But it is more than eighty percent subsidized. And money is not always enough.

Doctors say that in summer, people take ten times more. Mostly with injuries, poisoning and viral infections.

Why the region, where thousands of people every season to spend a lot of money, not capable to earn for ningaloo – officials can’t explain.

“Go to the resort area, spend money on food on vacation. And funds that earns the district budget – tax on income of physical persons paid from salary of enterprises and institutions located on the territory of our district”, – explains the head of financial management Genichesky RGA Yuri Babanin.

Alina says: very grateful to the doctors that I have the strength to work in such conditions. Hopes, resonance in social networks will help solve their problems.

“No conditions, no salaries, nothing, no medicines, all of which is bought at own expense. They just make such a missionary feat. Therefore, I hope that our case will end for the hospital restoration. In principle, this will be the start of something new medical reform in the whole system,” says the mother of a sick child.

Doctors want travelers to expectations. Without a visit to the district hospital.

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