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From Kiev is looking for the owner of a wedding ring

Киевлянка разыскивает хозяина обручального кольцаTo track down the owner of the ring, she turned for help to the social networks.

For nearly a month Zosimus Victoria from Kiev trying to find the owner of a wedding ring, discovered during a trip from the Dnieper to the capital. Preparing to leave the train, the girl pulled off the shelf my bag, and then her head fell a gold ring. In the car the passenger of the owner to have discovered, and therefore took with him, deciding that he would find whom it belongs to.

“I’m sorry, I know very few who likes these posts, but I will torment the conscience, if I do not, – I wrote to Victoria on his Facebook page, posting a photo of the finds. – The wedding was in people recently 10.02.2017, ring engraving and even some phrases. Maybe someone knows what my friends new husband is a little lose things. I am very excited to return”.

The message girls census nearly 14 thousand people. In the comments someone gave the advice that you need to contact the “Ukrzaliznitsyu”, and someone joked that, they say, is fate itself, and the ring, they say, is the wick. Jokes jokes, but for the lost ring yet no one appeared. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

– I even wrote some jeweler that looks like a work shop where he works, – said Vika. – I sent him part of the sentence, in order to be able to check on her present owner.

Neither sell nor pawn a find from Kiev is not going to. Says that he believes in fate, and hopes that even after six months, but will be able to return the wedding ring to dissipate the husband and thereby mitigate family conflict. Come wife lost a symbol of a happy married life every day “nagging.”

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