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From July 1 will earn 5 laws that will pull out of our wallets the money

С 1 июля заработают 5 законов, которые будут тянуть из наших кошельков деньги

I certainly understand that publishing a post slightly off topic for the mainstream of the last days. And he is the coming vote on the Constitution and the prospect of the nomination of Putin for a new term.

And he does not exclude such a perspective


С 1 июля заработают 5 законов, которые будут тянуть из наших кошельков деньги



Frankly if I were Putin, too, would not rule out this possibility. But since this run I not on your Nelly not Shine, then turn to the Affairs of our sorrowful and as a result is not very pleasant.

July 1 come into force a number of law that will start to suck from our wallets a little more money.

1. The growth of tariffs for housing and communal services

Despite the drop in incomes, came the economic crisis, the increase in utility tariffs will be strictly according to plan. The size increase was approved in 2019, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

If had not happened, then that happened, then the event could be considered quite ordinary. And so this is certainly an extra pain for our personal finances. Each region will have its size increasing the fees. Because I live in Moscow, will scan Order with Moscow.


С 1 июля заработают 5 законов, которые будут тянуть из наших кошельков деньги



It is seen that here Moscow leader – 5%. In the Moscow region, by the way less was 4.1%.Well, our beloved authorities Peter in of 3.8%. How does the historical homeland. Link to Order itself will be in the end of the post.

2. Driver’s medical certificate

Don’t know about You, but I remember the mess that happened last year with the changes in medical certificates. Then Putin eloquently expressed on this account


С 1 июля заработают 5 законов, которые будут тянуть из наших кошельков деньги



In the end, the whole mind of our authorities has been reduced to a simple shift in time. Then. I wanted to enter in November 2019, will now be introduced from 1 July 2020.

The ill-fated test for alcohol addiction and addiction to prohibited drugs left and it costs a lot of money.

So. who is going in July to get or change WU get ready “otahiti” 2-3 thousand just for this test.

3. Electronic marking of a medication, shoes and tobacco

We have marked these goods as alcohol and fur coats. The turn to the next group, which touched virtually everyone. Medicines used in almost everything. However our officials already warn that CNA on medicines will grow by only 1.3 ruble. But who would believe them.

It is clear that the additional costs and expenses will be incorporated in the price of the goods. As a result of all this innovation pay again every one of us.

Probably quite simply could postpone this change at least six months, and then annually. But no, everything goes according to plan – July 1 period.

4. The ban on the sale of gadgets without Russian

When I read about this law, I immediately remembered the reason the initiative of the late Boris Nemtsov – transplant officials on domestic cars. How it ended up, we remember nothing.

As far as I know, apple is not going to put in their products any software manufactured in Russia. They now will go with our market?

Hardly. Most likely will bloom “grey import”, which naturally leads to shortages and higher prices.

We already banned the messenger “telegram” and even spent on the execution of the judgment more than one million dollars. What? Now allowed to use it. And somebody will answer for the spent budget? I doubt it.

5. The law on wine

31 December was published the Federal law from 27 Dec 2019 N 468-FZ “On viticulture and winemaking in the Russian Federation”. Shall enter into force after 6 months. after publication, it means exactly the 1st of July.

It has long lobbied for our wineries.

For anybody not a secret that our factories have long imported imported wine materials from which were made the alleged Russian wine. Now such tricks will not pass.

It is clear that this will lead to a reduction in the supply of wine in the market and as a consequence to higher prices.

We all have seen in the development of cheese making in the country. As imposed a ban on imports from Europe, the price has increased significantly, and as a result fell. Yes. we have increased the production of cheese, but paid for it we are with You.

I’m afraid that wine will now be the same story.


Overall, I think that all these 5 laws you would quietly be postponed. But no. They will take effect July 1, and everyone in varying degrees will suck the money out of our wallets.



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