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From Chinese fried rooster will save only the tank “Armata”

India urgently wants to buy from Russia not more nor less — 1770 tanks Armata, another aircraft, s-400, various rockets, and more.

От китайского жареного петуха спасёт только танк «Армата»

Photo Indian tanks Arjun.

We are now seeing deep fried Chinese cock in action. Before that India was periodically allowed myself to cry and porugivat that, other Russian weapons. But when the horizon was painted white and fluffy Arctic Fox, brothers the Indians got back to basics, that is to mother Russia.

The fighters “MiG-29 and Sukhoi su-30 MKI” were good and needed. Expensive “Rafale” was forgotten, and “s-400” urgently needed right, just yesterday. Despite the fact that there is fighting on the border with China was conducted mainly with stones and sticks, which indirectly allows to say that we see the beginning of the fourth world. Because stones and sticks — it’s the future.

If without jokes, then apparently India was frightened quite badly. Because 1770 tanks “T-14” is 50% of the size (plus 100% to the strength :-)). At the moment, all the armored forces of India have about 3500 tanks. 2400 – “T-72”, 1000 “T-90” and 100 “Arjuna”.

India can be understood as Chinese armored forces consist of nearly 7,000 tanks. They are all Chinese, various modifications and quite decent. And, after appearing in China’s military tank Type-99A, in a quantity of about 500 pieces, the Indians began to consider the situation as a loss of balance. Had they not been confused by the numerical superiority of the Chinese, because they have 1000 “T-90S”, but the new Chinese tank has shattered the balance. According to the Indians, you need to add.

But we, in principle, such estimates at hand, because “Armata” – the best there is today on the world market MBT. And if the Indians are tuned to completely solve the Chinese question, the alternatives they do not have. Moreover, in the presence of both conflicting parties s-400, it is doubtful that the aircraft will have at least some role in this alleged battle. By the way, apparently so far there was no “su-57”. All the same, the s-400 which is more important.

Therefore a qualitative advantage that is in the ground, and armored troops becomes paramount. And “Armata” is quite capable of giving this advantage. For, besides all its advanced qualities, the higher the degree of protection of the crew gives people the opportunity in battle to act much more confidently and at a good brazenly, and this is one of the key factors of success on the battlefield.

In addition to the “Armat”, as already mentioned above, India is planning to bribe the 21 “MiG-29” and 12 “su-30 MKI”. Compared to the “Armat” number of small, but somehow need to cover the sky outside the combat zone. Apparently this Indians will be enough, given the available Park. However, the quality of a lot of money in kopilochku. The approximate cost of “MiG-29” – $22 million, “su-30MKI” – $70-$80 million.. And together it is almost $1.5 billion along with $4.5 for the “Armata” will be a good increase in the budget.

Furthermore, the Indians plan to accelerate production of supersonic missile Brahmos, which is already virtually adapted to the media, “su-30MKI”. A joint development between Russia and India, is produced at the plant BrahMos Aerospace. Who does not know the name of the artificially synthesized from started names of two rivers — the Brahmaputra and Moscow. So, for Mos, we are also your share will get. Our interest in the entity 49.5 percent.

In General, the deaths in the border conflict several dozen Indian soldiers just will not be forgotten and India will still be focusing on upgrading, and what is certain in her choice much less will play the role of policy, and will prevail expediency and practicality, which dramatically increases the chances of our weapons to the large Indian market.

Because the war is not playing the role of sanctions, or the diversification of suppliers. It is important to the reliability and characteristics of the weapons, because this is life and victory. And here we are — out of competition.

In General, the sly it would be quite possible to forbid the Indians in the future indiscriminately criticize and discredit our technology. All is clear, everyone manipulates in order to obtain a better offer, but everything has its limits. And does not prevent us to take advantage of the situation, and to expose them.

Of course, our close cooperation may well be the reason for the discontent of our strategic partner — China. And even already published an article relevant content in the printed organ of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China newspaper “Gemini daily”, which means “people’s newspaper”. The Chinese are unhappy with the acceleration of deliveries to India “s-400”.

Well, this is more proof that the complexes are good, and the Chinese know this not by hearsay, for they have several divisions.

And we need to come up with some logical explanation for China that some kind of balance and stability in the region. Our systems protect the civilian population from air attacks. The Chinese do not want to piss. However, the line of their need to hold hard, and to sell arms to everyone who asks, especially countries from the Chinese environment.

So that if China understood that though he is big, but there are a lot of countries that are not particularly happy about this, and if something happens to tickle his nerves. Especially if combined. Balance = guarantee the preservation of peace, and the Chinese are interested in him no less than ours.

Moreover, such policies need to adhere to even if the Chinese will no longer observe American sanctions against us, and will pour into our country a great investment. This further increases the risks of Chinese expansionism, and you need to understand that while arming India and Vietnam is doubly important. And while there is a good reason to say no.

As for the “Armat”, you should probably wait until they adopt from us. Then we will count chickens.

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