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From Bukovel to Egypt: where Ukrainians can go on March 8

От Буковеля до Египта: куда украинцам можно поехать на 8 мартаEurope for 30 euros, the festival of wine and song in the mountains

After a week we are waiting for a mini vacation: the Cabinet has approved official weekend of 8-9 March. Plyusuem Saturday and Sunday — and we get 4 days of rest. This is enough for a foreign voyage, and on vacation in Ukraine.

“Ukrzaliznytsia”, by the way, was appointed to the festive period, 13 additional trains. Traditionally, the more opportunities to leave will be on routes from Kiev to Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Rakhiv. In addition, adding the trains between Kiev and Odessa. One train will be more on the routes Kyiv — Khmelnitsky and Kiev — the Dnieper.

Abroad: tours from objectors

If you at the last moment, just a week before mini-break, decided to go abroad — we want you and grieve, and rejoice.

Cheap tours of the Red sea have already discussed
Let’s start with the unpleasant information: cheap tours for popular destinations, for the period from 8 to 11 March in most of them sold out long ago.

“In the beginning of February marked the boom in 8-March tours. These days you will not find sentences of a weeklong stay at the Red sea two or three hundred dollars, which often met in winter: tours are offered for 4-6 nights for $800 for two. Accommodation is expected in a 5* hotel, but the “five” such a school is quite difficult to call, warns the travel agent Lyudmila Petrenko. — With regard to a holiday in the UAE, there is a problem in air travel: travel with comfortable early arrivals in the UAE and evening departures to Kiev dismantled”.

But travel agents say that, despite the offseason, clients interested in bus travel in Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic. Are these from 80 euros, but the cost does not include travel to Lviv and nutrition.

How to find cheap last minute travel
Now the good news. In the travel industry constantly come across some customers who do not have time to date of departure to obtain a biometric passport. And then you have something to do with the already bought a tour to at least partially offset the costs.

First and foremost, this applies to tours in the countries with visa — free entry to Schengen countries and the UAE. But even with Egypt, it can happen the same trouble — for example, the validity of the old passport expired, but biometrics are still in the process of manufacture.

“So there are opportunities for those who are willing to give up everything and to have time to jump into the last car. Right now you can buy a ticket on 30, or even 50% cheaper, — says Director of travel Agency “Svit Podoroga” Anna Nakonechny-p. Tourists forced to abandon pre-purchased tours, selling them with a decent discount. For example, recently caught the eye of ad: tour to Egypt for two, which cost $800, willing to “give” for $600: did not have time to issue biometric passports. In our Agency for three clients, there is one who refuses to travel for this reason.”

Finally, although not many, but there are so-called “burning” tours, when the tour operator on a Charter flight, for example, remains a few free seats.
Therefore, travel agents and seasoned fans to travel on their own advise: if you want to go abroad, to actively monitor offers on the Internet: something Yes will find.

For example, Budapest for 30 euros for 2 days. Only need to understand the cost of this tour is also not incorporated nor the cost of a ticket to Lviv (bus departs from there), no food, no sightseeing — just a Shuttle service and sightseeing tours in the city.

Ukraine: the knights of wine and a bath under the open sky

Interesting way to spend these 4 days you can, even without leaving the country.

Lovers to surf on the slopes, expanses of Bukovel evening of March 8 will be able to listen to a concert.

“We will be Illariya, adriana, brothers Borisenko,” — said the head of the Department of marketing and advertising the ski resort Vladimir Yuzyuk.

Cost of ski pass for 1 day — 975 UAH, equipment hire — 110-390/day (depending on class), ski school — 770 UAH (for 2 persons, a group of 5-8 people). But to settle on the territory of the Bukovel during the holidays will not succeed: it’s already sold out. However, you can stay in the neighboring villages. There is a 2-seater with standard amenities will cost 600 UAH per day.

If you want to celebrate the holiday alone with your loved one and nature, Vladimir Tsaruk, Director of the Center for the development of tourism, advises to go to Slavske village and climb to a High mountain Top:

“There at the top, at a height of 1243 m, there are several apartments for two”.

By the way, we remind that Ukraine skiing can be enjoyed not only in the Carpathians. So, in Cherkassy region there is a ski resort “vodyaniki” (a room in a local hotel — from 900 UAH/day, the ski pass for 1 day — 400 UAH, downhill equipment — from 160 UAH). And just 40 minutes drive from the centre of Kiev, near the village of Podgortsy, is situated the resort “the Nail” (a room in the hotel — from 1300 UAH/day, lifting cost — 12-15 UAH, equipment hire — 250-300 UAH).

In search of primroses
Last year in early March you can admire the snowdrops and saffron. Their “deposits” in the village Kolochava, in the tract of the village of Bron’ka, irshavschiny, in the Valley of daffodils.

“But now everything is under a thick layer of snow, which is unlikely to come down to the 8th of March”, — told us the owner of the estate “Kolochava-Hole”.

Women’s day more likely to see purple fields of saffron in the South of Ukraine: it bloomed in mid-February on the Arabat spit and bloom have until April. Now there is also senegalo, but judging by the weather forecast, on March 8 should the temperature increase to +7 °C, March 11, predict as much as +11.

“Organized tours there. You will need to negotiate with local taxi drivers and ask them to bring on flowering”, — says Vladimir Tsaruk.

To warm their bones
On the Arabat spit, near the village of Schastlivtsevo, there is another natural attraction is the hot spring. It is a small lake in the center of which shoots water from the well temperature of 55-60 degrees. Off the coast she “colder” — 45 degrees, so grit your teeth, you can go. But then relax yourself lying in a hot tub under the open sky and listen to the sound of the surf. However, all without frills. It is necessary for them to go to Western Ukraine. There Cosign near the village there are the thermal baths that can beat the ambiance and even the service of the Hungarian baths (not staying at hotel, enjoy the Spa, paying 400 UAH). The lower level, but nevertheless civilized — in baths in Berehove.

Holiday of wine
By the way, there from 8 to 11 March will be a wine festival.

“At this time in the city centre having a fair, where winemakers from all over Transcarpathia the goods are, says Maksim Adamenko, head of Touristcentre Mukachevo. — Evaluate the quality of the wine Beregovo members of the order of St. Wenzel, as they are called, knights of the vine. They dressed in robes, they have their own coat of arms. Give the flavor of the entire event.”

35 km from Beregovo, Mukachevo, too, will not be bored. Here, according to Maksim Adamenko, March 8, in Palanok castle will hold a costume guided tour with torches. Price: 150 UAH per 2 hours.

To visit shaggy
In the tract Malmantile, in the national Park “skolivski Beskydy”, you can see a herd of bison. The snow and cold is the best time to do this, because the animals come closer to human habitation. For this adventure you need to contact the organizers: they can be found in social networks the name of the tract.

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