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From Antarctica broke off a giant iceberg. Video

От Антарктиды откололся гигантский айсберг. ВидеоThe area of ice about 30 square kilometers.

Via satellite NASA experts have managed to almost “live” to see how from Antarctica iceberg broke off with an area just under 30 square kilometres.

Footage taken from a NASA satellite Landsat 8 has shown that from the glacier pine island, located in Antarctica broke off a huge ice floe with an area of about 30 square kilometers.

The area of the glacier pine island is one of two threads for the descent of the Antarctic ice sheet from the continent into the ocean. The ice here is at a speed of several kilometers per year. Descending into the ocean, he regularly breaks off, forming icebergs of different sizes. Through this stream passes a quarter of the ice away from Antarctica in the southern ocean. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Some scientists fear that the efforts of the recent formation of icebergs can cause a chain reaction and cause a huge amount of ice falls into the water of the oceans and will greatly enhance their level.

Recently Antarctic British administration showed a video in which the drone aircraft managed to shoot a giant crack formed in the ice cover of Antarctica. The crack length is about 40 kilometers, and its distribution has led to the temporary closure of the national station Halley VI.

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