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Frightening family of lunatics from the horror film “the Sandman”

Curious about the horror film “the Sandman” (“Slumber”) a joint American-British production we wrote in October, when the spectacular first trailer. And now the creators allow us a quick look at the film itself – or rather, the eerie two-minute passage from it.

Sleep paralysis and sleepwalking in horror movies are mentioned albeit not very often, but examples can be found quite a lot. But what if in your sleep go from ALL family members? And some of them are not just doing something strange, but behave dangerously towards others.

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Alice is a very rational person, a doctor, a specialist in sleep medicine. However, she will have to review their strictly scientific view of the world after meeting with a family which is terrorized by a demonic entity known as “Night witch”, paralyzing victims during sleep.

The premiere of “Slumber” will be held December 1, 2017.

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