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Frightening facts about nuclear weapons. Photo

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. ФотоRecently in one, then in another part of the world there is a threat of use of nuclear weapons.

It’s time to remember what terrible weapons these deadly, and why their use should be forever banned.

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Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

In 1950 the physicist, Leo Szilard, discoverer of the nuclear chain reaction, calculated that one thermonuclear bomb with certain characteristics is capable of completely destroying life on Earth. Some scientists argued with him, but most, in the end, agreed. It should be remembered that in 1950 the capacity of existing thermonuclear weapons increased, and under the requirements of Silarga fit many existing weapons.

Small nukes is also deadly

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

Many believe that a local nuclear konlikta with the use of small nuclear warheads is not a threat to life on the planet. But it’s not. Running a couple of missiles with small nuclear warheads by one party of the conflict will certainly trigger a symmetric response of the other party. In the end, this exchange of a “small” nuclear strikes can completely poison the planet.

Nuclear weapons have eight countries

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

During the cold war, nuclear weapons had only four in the country. Now there are at least twice more: the US, UK, Russia, China, France, India, Pakistan and North Korea. In addition, the intelligence in the world believe that nuclear weapons are Israel and South Africa, but this information is not officially confirmed.

Scientists suspect that in the Antarctic there was a nuclear explosion

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

22 September 1979, a us satellite Vela recorded in the Antarctic, the Islands of Prince Edward, two very bright flashes, by the force corresponding to the nuclear explosions. The United States conducted a thorough investigation, but neither country has admitted to testing on this date in the area. To find evidence pointing at someone, too, failed. It is still unknown whether in the Antarctic, nuclear explosions, and if so, who carried them out. May be another, hitherto unknown owner of the nuclear bomb?

The Earth has held more than 2000 nuclear explosions

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

From 1945 until present time, the U.S. reportedly spent 1045 nuclear weapons tests, the Soviet Union 715, France 210, Britain and China 45, India and Pakistan – 6, North Korea – 5. In total, over the past few decades on the planet have been more than 2,000 nuclear tests, and there was not a single two-year period in which the planet was rocked by nuclear explosions.

A nuclear test would lead to increases in the incidence of cancer?

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

Scientists have been trying to figure out how many nuclear tests affect the health of the population. While their findings are disappointing. According to the results of a study conducted in 1961 by Dr. Louise Reis, children born in the United States after the first series of nuclear tests had elevated levels in the body, strontium-90 – radioactive isotope that causes cancer. This research has led to the emergence of the international agreement on partial cessation of nuclear tests. And today, many experts suspect that a nuclear test has led to the increase in the number of thyroid cancer cases, and is therefore responsible for the deaths of more than 6,000 cheloaek.

Nuclear testing wanted to spend on the moon

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

At the time both the USSR and USA were engaged in the preparation of the programme of nuclear testing on the moon. They had not only to show the power of the superpowers, but also to demonstrate the effect of a nuclear explosion in the vacuum of space. In the end, fortunately, both countries have abandoned these programmes, primarily because of their high cost. Humanity was very lucky, because, according to the latest calculations of scientists, in the case of a nuclear explosion, the Moon likely would have been permanently contaminated by radiation.

“Tsar Bomba” – the most powerful nuclear weapon detonated on the Ground

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

“Tsar-bomb” is called the most powerful nuclear device detonated, the Soviet Union on Novaya Zemlya on 30 October 1961. The capacity charge was 57000 kilotons, in comparison, the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki had a power of 22 kilotons. After the explosion of the “Tsar-bomb” mushroom cloud rose to a height of 64 kilometers. Shock wave after an explosion five times circled the globe. According to scientists, the explosion has caused a shift in earth’s axis – it was almost imperceptible, but the fact so scared of the organizers of the explosion, is planning a more powerful test of the charge capacity of 100 thousand kilotons, it was decided to abandon the planet could simply not sustain.

On Earth holds more than 15 thousand nuclear warheads

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

According to experts, in the Earth nowadays, there are over 15 thousand nuclear warheads. Russia owns approximately 7,300 nuclear bombs, in the US there are 6970, France around 300, China – 260 in the UK – 215, in India and Pakistan, at 120, North Korea – about a dozen in Israel, according to unofficial data – about 80.

Dangerous incidents with nuclear weapons – not such a rarity

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

The mishandling of nuclear weapons happens all the time. So, in 1961, a B52 bomber with two nuclear warheads on Board went down in the air and two nuclear bombs with a capacity of 3-4 thousand kilotons fell to the ground. One of them only by chance did not detonate by running 3 out of 4 triggers. In 1968, another B52, this time with four nuclear warheads crashed off the coast of Greenland. Journalists claimed that at least one of the bombs was never found.

Accidental impact – not a horror story, but a reality

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

And the United States, and the Soviet Union several times was close to having to strike a blow at the enemy by pure chance. At least twice in the armies of the superpowers occurred cases, when the alert system was mistakenly given the signal of nuclear missiles heading for the borders, and only the coolness of the officers and quite a natural fear of possible nuclear Holocaust was not allowed to respond to the failure of equipment as a real blow. And once, in 1962, Director of the aviation base in the United States had, after leaving the runway, a private car to block the path ready to take to the air bombers, when it became clear that a system of alarms was closed accidentally climbed a fence of the airbase bear.

One plane with nuclear warheads can destroy humanity

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

Today, one American bomber B2 “stealth” capable of carrying 16 nuclear missiles В83, each of which is 75 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki. Do the math and you’ll realize that after hitting with one of the aircraft environment on the Earth can be changed forever. But there are even more scary fact: a submarine with nuclear weapons able to take on Board 154 of these missiles!

The risk of nuclear war grows

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

Until recently, the main potential nuclear aggressor in the world was considered Pakistan. The leadership of Pakistan have repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons against India, and in recent years – and against Israel. But now, with the advent of nuclear weapons in North Korea, the world situation is even more tense, because the leadership of this country constantly claims that would not hesitate to use it. According to the experts estimate that in 5-10 years in a North Korea puts missiles capable of bring nuclear warhead to the United States. In this case, the risk of a nuclear conflict will increase even more.

Diagram of the manufacture of nuclear boby available to everyone

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

This figure can easily be found in Wikipedia. It is enough to try to assemble a nuclear bomb. However, there is one little thing – a nuclear warhead. But given the already mentioned negligence in the storage and transportation of nuclear weapons may one day cease to be a problem.

Terrorists may soon acquire nuclear weapons

Устрашающие факты о ядерном оружии. Фото

Many terrorist organizations, including prohibited in Russia, LIH, has repeatedly tried to get their own miniature nuclear bomb. While they did not succeed. However, security experts indicate: it is not so unbelievable. In a number of countries possessing nuclear weapons, a probable leak. For example, in Pakistan, in recent years there have been several coup attempts. During one such attempt by extremist armed groups could obtain a nuclear warhead at their disposal. In addition, the transport of nuclear bombs in Pakistan is carried out on a conventional truck without a military escort, which also allows the extremists to get close to the weapon.

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