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Friends that kill together, stay together (REVIEW)

“To kill for like” is a teenage Comedy horror movie, filmed in the genre of slasher. Two teenagers Sadie and Mackayla passionate about their popularity and willing to do anything, even murder. And when the glory falls on their heads, are they willing to do principles and to stop killing?

Here’s the announcement. Now let’s look at what happened with Tyler MacIntyre, for whom this is only the second feature-length film, where he acted as Director. The first film “Patchwork”, shot in 2015, has received good reviews and has a high (for a horror film) the rating of 5.9 on imdb. This black Comedy tells the story of three murdered women, found himself in one body.

Deciding not to retreat from this genre, Tyler McIntyre two years later removed the “hack Girls”, which our localizers and adapted as “to Kill for like”. Leave on their conscience the title of the film, although the film “girl’s tragedy” suddenly turned into “girls tear”.

The movie starts briskly, and the standard for slasher. The couple in the car engaged in which is arranged the rear seats of cars. As usual, close to a maniac who happily cuts the skull guy and rushes in pursuit of the screaming, terrified girl in the woods. It would seem cliché, but suddenly the maniac himself gets trapped by two mentally unstable girls.

– Do you know how many guys she had to sleep, so you fell for her?
– With thirty!

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It turns out, the girls tracked down the maniac for so he became their mentor and taught to kill. Surprised crazy refuses and promises to tear their heads off when you’re done. Slightly distressed refusal, girlfriends leave associated maniac in the basement and decide to become self-taught in this delicate matter. Killing people, they posted the pictures on his blog, but the popularity still avoided them. Each new death was perceived as an accident, yet girlfriends not to cut off the head of the next victim, so it is not like an accident.

And then it came to downloads and hundreds of thousands of likes – after all, they warned that the city wielding serial killer, but no one listened!

– Didn’t you know that the way to get rid of the evidence?(throwing a severed hand into sulphuric acid)
– Do you know how many cats it took to learn the dose?

But with fame came problems. Sadie falls in love with the son of the chief of police, and between the girls runs over a cat (one of the survivors of the experiments with acid, apparently). And then there’s the maniac, forgotten in the basement, manages to escape, and he goes hunting for girlfriends. To work out whether to save them and to preserve their delicate pathologically sick friend?

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The film is full of clichés and does not hesitate to give references for masters of horror Dario Argento and the series “final destination”. The murder of a biker on the road and fireman in the gym spectacularly stupid, but made so easy-going, laughing with pleasure. Unfortunately, experience of the Director was not enough, and the film’s ending turned into a snotty drama with the showdown.

– You love this guy more than me?
– Remember our first murder? I did it for us.

What is the result? The film was a success half. The first part is sprinkling sparks of black humor and gorgeous scenes of murders, from which it is possible to wince and swear. But the ending couldn’t hold the bar and came out frankly weak. The Director has forgotten that shoots slasher and dragged the drama. The audience at this point reached for the cell phone, because the watch was bored. Get a solid average, though perhaps I’m wrong, as “to Kill for like” on Rotten Tomatoes holds a rating of 84% based on 25 reviews with an average rating of 7.5 out of 10. And don’t forget it’s a movie from the category “+18”.

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