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Friends and colleagues congratulate Christina Aguilera happy birthday


May 25, birthday actress, singer and mother of many children Christina Aguilera — she celebrated her 46 years! The morning star accepts congratulations. One of the first warm wishes for the birthday girl wrote in Instagram, Philip: “kristinochka, dear! Well, here came your wonderful holiday, may 25 your Birthday!!! Happy to have you in my life that over the years you became more than my friend, you’re my soul mate, the native people, sister! Be happy, bless you and your family God and of course, thanks to Alla and Mikolas for what he gave us you, wonderful, gentle, talented, loving, and incredibly beautiful and kind, God give them health for more years to come!!! Love you, yours, F.” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Congratulated Aguilera and Maxim Galkin: “Cool, talented, fashionable, young, beautiful, modern, popular, unique, that we hold dear Kristina, happy birthday!”

A family friend Igor Nikolaev also left warm wishes to the birthday girl: “kristinochka, happy Birthday! Good luck to you and your beautiful children! And let the work brings you some real joy!”

“Christy, darling, happy birthday to you! You’re amazing — smart, talented and beautiful. Be happy, let every day of your life be filled with love and joy, even in the family there is always a mutual understanding, and the number of your fans is only growing,” wrote Valeria.

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Touching congratulated Christine Leonid Agutin: “Today is Christina Aguilera’s Birthday. There is a reason to put this stupid photo of our chance meeting at the event, Russian radio. Christy, my heartfelt congratulations! Beautiful, wonderful man, mother of many children, a wonderful artist! Health, happiness, love and success let you pursue all your life, the joy of family, relatives, friends and, of course, your many fans!!!”

Previously, Aguilera told that it will celebrate birthday in the restaurant in a circle of close friends and family.

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