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“Friend of Putin” Le Pen staged a “warm welcome” in Reims

"Подруге Путина" Ле Пен устроили "теплый прием" в РеймсеSeveral dozen demonstrators booed marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen unexpectedly arrived in Reims, where he attended the local Cathedral, one of the most famous in the country. On this trip, which did not appear in the official program leader natsfronta was accompanied by the founder of the movement “Wake Up, France” Nicolas DuPont-Aignan, of which Le Pen called the future Prime Minister in case of his election victory.

“Opponents of marine Le Pen, among them activists of the movement “Forward!” and “Rebellious France”, students and Lyceum students gathered at the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which was attended by the politician. They chanted “marine, give me my money back” and other slogans against natsfronta”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that some people came with balloons the colors of the flag of the European Union. At the Notre-Dame Cathedral gathered supporters natsfronta.

The politician later left the Cathedral through the back door under the audience shouts “Get out” and “You shall not pass”.

Vice-Chairman of the NetFront Florian Filippo left the Cathedral under angry cries. In particular, the protesters shouted “Nazi!”.

Reportedly, supporters of marine Le Pen, Nicolas DuPont-Aignan wrote in his Twitter: “Pathetic actions of leftists demonstrate disrespect for our democracy and the history of France.” He also published a photo of a visit to Reims Cathedral.

“Supporters of Mr Macron show violence everywhere, even in Reims Cathedral, symbolic and sacred place. No dignity”, – said in turn the incident itself, marine Le Pen.

Rival marine Le Pen Emmanuel macron also visited on Friday the Cathedral in Rodez in the South of France. “Our culture unites us,” wrote the candidate of the centrist in his Twitter on the last day of the campaign.

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