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Fried potatoes turned out to be useful some fruits

Жареная картошка оказалась полезней некоторых фруктовAn unusual experiment conducted by scientists.

Scientists told about the good news for fans of the potato, which previously, perhaps, to preserve the harmony of shapes, in this dish were denied. It turned out that a baked potato can be healthier avocados.

At the moment we know that the most important element in food is protein, as it is a Builder of human cells. Previously, many plant foods are underestimated, but recently the researchers conducted one experiment, seeing that the potato can be very useful, as it contains a natural protein, like avocados.

Representatives of the British dietetic Association claim that in one large avocado about 3.7 grams of protein when a serving of fried potatoes at three grams for every one hundred grams of meals. This speaks to the fact that potatoes are excluded from the diet is not necessary, but, of course, those who lose weight, it is better to have it boiled.

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