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Friday the 13th without Jason

About the movie series “Friday the 13th” is a classic slasher Jason Vorhese – no need to talk. Giant in a hockey mask with a machete in the hands of you know and remember everything. But few people remember that in the eighties was started and the television series of the same name, Jason and unrelated. This is the story of a nephews Lewis Vendredi antique dealer who made a Pact with the devil. The result sold by Lewis Antiques was endowed with magic power, but it was directed solely to kill people. Realizing what he had done, Lewis refuses to cooperate with the devil and goes to hell. And the store is his niece and nephew Susan and Ryan, as well as his brother Jack, who needs to return and hide all Lewis sold the damn thing… One of these things, according to rumors, was supposed to be a mask all the same Jason, but its appearance, the audience did not wait. The name of the series, too, thought of another – “the 13th hour”, but the producers decided that marketing the film was not hurt.

However, the heroes and without Jason and his mask was to fight with the criminals, who received magical powers: a comic book, after reading which the person turns into a superhero, a glove that allows you to take a human disease and transfer them to another, the lantern, helping to find a sunken treasure and instead of killing someone these treasures lifted from the bottom… well, bored heroes do not have.

But this cute baby doll is killing those who though something did not please the owner

Series with the glove, by the way, put David Cronenberg, and it shows: all diseases appearing in the course of history, different ugly external symptoms. It’s not his best work, but not the worst, especially when you consider that it at least partially reveals the past of uncle Jack, before covered with fog.

Thing came easy, simple and fun. The theme of magical artifacts in those years was seriously raised, except that “Indiana Jones”. Still not out of “Librarian”, “the Lost room”, “Lara Croft”. What can we say about the TV series “Warehouse 13”inspired by “Friday…”! There are, however, heroes – government agents and artifacts mostly belonged to famous people and charged them with energy, but the essence is the same: two characters under the guidance of an older mentor gathering the magical small things, in the wrong hands, deadly to others.

Few people remember these heroes…

…distant descendants of these

But even if we forget about the influence of “Friday…”, will remain just another show about hunting for magic items, no pretending and pleasing because so far, despite a small budget and a trite plot. And for fans of “the Librarians”, “Indiana” and “Warehouse 13” at all mandatory viewing.

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