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Friday the 13th: legends and superstitions

Welcome to the most mysterious day of. Which is weird, so it made ourselves, or does the day really carries with him some kind of weird energy? Why do numerologists this day clothed in a sinister aura?
Reasons to consider the Friday the 13th – not the luckiest day of the year people were many.

Пятница 13: легенды и суеверия

According to the researchers, blame the Bible, the last supper, because it took place on Friday and that the 13th. At the table sat 13 people and the last one was Judas. Personally, I never thought, but superstitious people prefer Friday the 13th to convene the house 13 guests.

However, there is another reason: the story takes us into the distant past to the knights Templar. April 13, 1307, all members of the order were arrested, imprisoned, and then burned at the stake by the Inquisition. It was the militant monks who, according to legend, knew a lot about even in magic, so curse this day for centuries could they.

According to another legend, Friday the 13th, eve persuaded Adam to eat the Apple.
To confirm this version now, of course, impossible. As well, and another similar story with biblical roots — supposedly on Friday the 13th, Cain killed Abel and after that day were forever cursed.

It would seem, what relation all these stories relate to our reality? However, in this day, British surgeons are not officially doing operations, and the sailors try never to go to sea on this day.
In medicine, this set will viewed as a phobia, and once psychologists and psychotherapists called him paraskavedekatriaphobia.

In modern society with a developed economy, the problem of Friday the 13th of the mystical can turn into quite tangible economic problem. People, in one way or another subject to the “paraskavedekatriaphobia”, I try in these days to minimize their activity that, according to some estimates, the U.S. economy leads to a loss of 800-900 million dollars in each of such days[3]. Periodically, various organizations made a statistical study to find out whether mystic Friday the 13th of reflection in reality. According to Dutch scientists, statistically these days, on the contrary, it is safer.

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