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Fresh photos Zakharchenko ridiculed in the Network

Свежее фото Захарченко высмеяли в СетиZakharchenko got a strange background for a picture.

A photo of the leader of the so-called “Donetsk national Republic” Alexander Zakharchenko and promoter of Zakhar Prilepin with his family residents of Donetsk laugh users of social networks. Photo published on Twitter by the blogger Denis Kazansky.

Photo Zakharchenko and Prilepin posing in an embrace with a woman and two children. In the background you can see the charred, dilapidated high-rise building without Windows, were fired by militants. The yard is completely overgrown with weeds.

“Donetsk happy family photographed with his rescuers. Thank you, Russia”, – has signed a snapshot of Kazan.

Свежее фото Захарченко высмеяли в Сети

Netizens commented on the picture: “He’s home from the Windows out?”, “Are happy because, apparently, they were given apartments in this house, They were released, and the kids gloomy. The impression is that they were forced to be photographed”, “where is the father? In 2014 bury?”

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