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Fresh photos and videos from the filming of “Predator”

Director Shane black not that floods us with news about his “Predator”, but something that comes to us regularly. So we know that Arnold Schwarzenegger received an offer to star in the sequel, but declined. It seems that the role was too small for the big Arnie. But caste was joined by son Gary busey of the second part, and a veteran of the movie Edward James Olmos. Well, actually filming, the camera works, all such standards. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Actually, that’s footage from the shoot and we bummed. The benefit of them in his Instagram had shared Larry Fong, an experienced cameraman, is known primarily due to its steep work projects Zack Snyder: “300”, “Watchmen”, “sucker punch” and “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”. In short, to deal with the camera man knows. And even taking on cellphones, can not do without a fancy filter. Artist!

So, thanks to Instagram Phong, we have a photo of Keegan-Michael Key and Alfie Allen in their characters from the movie “Predator”. In addition, the actress Olivia Munn posted a short video in which demonstrates the pistol skills. Her character is described as a kind of scientist, but it seems that this is not a lab rat. So maybe a microscope in the mouth to give.

Well, guys look pretty good. There are, however, feeling that the film lacks real balls here, but I remember, like about “Predators” Nimrod Antal suspected. But in the end, whatever you say, brutal came kintz.

Well, the “Predator” with Shane black, we see 8 February 2018.

Learning some new moves on #thepredator set. #brasscheck #LivWick

Publication from Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) Mar 24 2017 11:12 PDT

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