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Fresh jokes for Friday night

Свежие анекдоты на вечер пятницыBest jokes to lift the mood.

We offer you to read short jokes and enjoy moments of laughter and good mood.

Let all the negativity wash away, all the sadness will fade and the sorrow will disappear. Uplifting yourself and your family, through satire and humor.

– What has four eyes, one similar to diver.

– Optometrist of you so so…


Yes, I’m a beast in bed. Or rather, a Koala bear. I can sleep for 22 hours a day.


– The defendant, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I swear, fat woman with a mustache.


The wife and I decided to do mushrooms. Lumped, annoy, and sent to relatives.

– What relatives say?

– We no longer have Rodney.


Sofa L., and Shaw is your daughter-in-law Chaechka so thin?

– Rose M., and where VI saw Schaub on the vipers grow fat?!!


The gloomiest people in the morning are the most sonorous trash bags.


Hate it when in fashion some flat bellies with disgusting dice, not your soft belly.


Before the parent meetings were afraid of the children, and now parents.


Sunday. Morning. The husband opens his eyes. The voice of his wife:

Three hours already waiting. God forbid, you’re just using me so get over it!


The waist is all! Just someone she’s raised…

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