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Fresh jokes for a good start of summer

Свежие анекдоты для хорошего начала летаBest jokes to lift the mood.

Portion of positive emotions, which certainly charge you a good mood for the whole day. The best jokes network specifically for you.

I can’t believe that Bob is getting married! After all, only yesterday he was shitting in his pants, run around naked, screaming that nipopadya, and with difficulty uttered the words…

So it was yesterday. We had a bachelor party.


You have never come true horoscopes? So, the parents lied about the date of birth and in General probably bought you from the Gypsies.


If I scared one so late out? No, it was not scary until you came out of the bushes and asked.


Two girlfriends gossiping in office, one showing view of the third whisper says:

– Why, the truth is, this nasty woman you husband was taken away?

– I told her she dumped him!


– Goes to sleep.

– How?

– Usually small, but sometimes big…


– So now you all decide?! And my opinion does not count?! I’m going to rest now!

– Sergei, stop yelling at the cat and wash the tray.


Earlier man seeking woman, killed the animal and brought her prey. As the corpse of a mammoth evolved to husky – for me remains a mystery…


Was at the reunion. Nightmare. Face flabby, unshaven, all with beer bellies. And the guys all look scary.


A sure sign that first date failed: a girl constantly looks at the clock, which itself drew on the wrist.


– You know, Sam, I understand that a condom is like umbrella. If brought, then nothing will.

– Yes, but if you wear holey socks – that evens out.


Well, what if the muzzle is swollen, but the wrinkles smoothed out.

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